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Comment from: Ron Mon [Visitor]
Here's a controversial thought: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. By playing in long pants, she avoids angering the establishment she wishes to join and conquer. By the way, I often golf in a kilt. It isn't pretty.
07/08/05 @ 07:49
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Is the PGA becomming a bunch of WIMPS? Are they afraid they cannot win against other MALE competitors? They think they can win against the females. Why give a FEMALE AMATURE an exemption, when there are plenty of MALE AMATURES AND PROs who would better benefit from an exemption. Sorry, but WIE has played in enough "PROFESSIONAL" tournaments that she should no longer be considered an amature!
07/08/05 @ 09:53
Comment from: amateur [Visitor]
John D., dear, it's "amateur" not "amature." besides, what's your point?
07/08/05 @ 17:12
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
PGA needs do something to keep females out of PGA and direct them to LPGA. Until a FEMALE wins 100% of the time on the LPGA, then, maybe, they might deserve the right to play on the PGA. Or another option might be to start a new tour....the COED TOUR.
07/11/05 @ 06:43
Comment from: UglyinLA [Visitor]
Its pretty obvious whats wrong with women’s golf. Its perceived as a bunch of manhating lesbians trying to mimic a old man’s sport. Lots of guys know the tour as the LPGA (Lesbian Pro Golf Assoc). For every guy willing to say it out loud, thousands are silently thinking the same. Ergo, low interest in womans golf. Before you start typing those scorching rebuttals, consider this. The truth of modern TV is that sex sells. Commercials, TV, movies, its all about sexuality and sex appeal. Those shameless bastards at Indy racing used it to promote Danica Patrick. Guaranteed, if Danica was butt ugly, she would be a nobody. Those sexist at the WTA use sex appeal to promote Anna K and Maria Sharapova. Brandi Chastain become a soccer legend when she tore off her top, and that moment was given full exposure (excuse the pun) by US Soccer. Golf in general is boring. Its on par (excuse another pun) with bowling and women’s softball. Its good for about 15 minutes of viewing, but once the curiousity factor wears off, its time to move on. What should be a monumental occasion if Annika slams the grand, will be an afterthought less than two days after it occurs. Only if Annika loses will she gets more highlight footage. Of course, nobody will remember who beat her, unless its Michele Wie. So how does woman’s golf capture a greater audience?? Its obvious. Sex appeal. And no, I am not suggesting a mandatory thong bikini dress code. God forbid Meg Mallon in a thong (to quote Howard Dean..Eaaaaaaahhhhhhhggggggghhhhhhh) But check out some of the new talent. Paula Creamer, Erica Blasberg, and oh yeah, Natalie Gulbis. I serious doubt more than .005% of American males have a clue who they are. It’s a sad testament to the forces that have hijacked Women’s golf and steered it off the sports map. Women’s golf is at a crossroad. They can continue their downward spiral, or they can embrace reality and alter their marketing strategy based on fan appeal with suggestive slogans, such as “These gals are hot !!” or “Paula, Erica, Natalie, in your face!!”
07/11/05 @ 21:41
Comment from: Audie [Visitor]
Regarding UglyinLA's comments - I can understand why he doesn't give a clue to his name. As a lady golfer and a keen follower of both PGA and LPGA events, I believe he is way off base. Interesting that my husband who is a good golfer much prefers to watch LPGA events because he thinks the golf is more exciting than what the 'cookie-cutter' pros in the PGA produce, and yes, he can appreciate a good looking gal. But to mindlessly classify professional female golfers as either lesbians and/or too ugly to watch (using crude language which is totally uncalled for) reveals more about him than it does about the "state" of women's golf. Sorry you published his comments, but as a mother and grandmother, I think he needs to grow up because he is exactly the kind of male I have no respect for. I watch pro golf to enjoy the calibre of golf which is on the screen - and if a guy or gal has been blessed with unusual good looks, well that is a bonus, isn't it?
07/12/05 @ 23:04

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