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Comment from: Kristen [Visitor]
First, I love baseball. The difference in gambling is that baseball players make salaries and play a team sport. Golfers win prize money on their own and get endorsements depending on how well they play. A golfer isn't going to throw a round in order to win a bet and affect everyone else's wagering outcomes. Even in team play, there's pride in every round and every tournament. In baseball, it's just about who comes out ahead at the end.

As for scandals, taking performance enhancing drugs is how to cheat in baseball. Altering your scorecard is all it takes in golf. It's harder for the televised guys to get away with, but wasn't Vijay involved in something like that a ways back?

Maybe you're onto something here, Jen. Maybe baseball players should be paid for each game depending on its outcome and their personal performances. Then they can bet all they want, juice all they want, even get bionic body parts. Would you watch then? :) Wait, I hope they don't go on strike at the mere suggestion. Did I mention I love baseball?
08/19/05 @ 13:50
Comment from: Hal Burdick [Visitor]
Funny article, but baseball generates more tension than golf.

I think it comes from the legacy of team sports that carry from year to year. Golfers come and go, even the great ones. Do we really care about Jack anymore? A team stays around for centuries.

As for gambling, in baseball, the worst gambling scandal was when the better team intentionally lost (the Black Sox). It perverts not only the integrity of the current event, but history itself.

My team, the Reds, hang a banner because of the Black Sox, but there's a tarnish on that particular banner to this day.

Steroids in baseball was all about winning. Gambling in baseball is all about losing.
08/19/05 @ 17:04
Comment from: Jimmy le [Visitor]
I used to go the the Angels game 15 to 20 times a season. I have stopped following baseball since Barry Bond smashed the home run record. Bond, McGwire, Sosa, Giambi and many others are obviously juiced and baseball has chose to do basically nothing. I rather watch Michelle wie hit a ball 900 feet.
08/19/05 @ 18:26

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