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Comment from: tom hwang [Visitor]
FYI, Michelle Wie would have been 18th on the points list if she were allowed to earn points in her very limited play.
08/29/05 @ 00:16
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
I am disgusted by this article. The Solheim Cup is an event for professionals ... the amateurs will get their chance in the future. Beth has not been picked because she is a friend of Nancy's, she has been picked because she has the talent and personality to help pull the team together and inspire the younger players on the team. To doubt the integrity of Nancy Lopez is hugely offensive to anybody invloved in women's golf. Stick to the facts.
08/29/05 @ 09:21
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
How is it that people are "disgusted" by anything golf? Prejudice, abuse, violence can cause "disgust," but a revolutionary opinion should not cause "disgust." Here's an analogy: Nancy Lopez is to Beth Daniel as Lanny Wadkins is to Curtis Strange, and we all know how Strange did at Oak Hill in the Ryder Cup. I bitched louder than anyone about the youth of the US Walker Cup team, yet they came through. Lopez is a traditionalist, with nary a revolutionary bone in her body. To expect her to not pick a veteran would have been short-sighted. Judging by the Pink Panther's performance this year, I make two predictions: the top three point leaders (in any order) for the 2007 matches will be Creamer, Pressel and Wie. The second, that the European team is in for one heck of a drought after 2005.
08/29/05 @ 11:14
Comment from: alan metcalfe [Visitor]
Well said Ron.
Just because Lopez was a great player doesn't mean she will make a good coach or selector.
Get someone younger.
The US team looks very weak and will struggle to compete.
Alan M

08/29/05 @ 12:59
Comment from: Norman [Visitor]
I really hope the US team lose, so that Nancy isn't able to claim that she made the right decision.

Picking friends is not the smart way to success!

The US team should be picking Wie while they still can. Maybe in 10 years she'll only be interested in the Ryder Cup!
08/29/05 @ 13:56
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Disgusting? No, calling it like you see it should never be described as disgusting. Uncomfortable for some, clearly, but not disgusting. The fact that you have such a vehement reaction, Kate, suggests you are worried there is merit to the claim. If it were totally baseless, it would be laughable, not disgusting.

But it's neither laughable nor disgusting. It's sad. What would happen if this happened in Ryder Cup team selection? Ron Mon alluded to this in his note - many people would scream about Old Boy Network and cronyism (if that's a word). If you had an amateur Tiger Woods playing 14 PGA events over two years, finishing such that he would have been 18th on the Ryder Cup point list in only those 14 tournaments, and he were passed over in favor of an over-the-hill, one-win-in-the last-ten-years Fuzz Zoeller or even Jack Nicklaus, there would be cries of racism as well as cronyism.

Of course, there is every possibility Jack wouldn't want to compete in the Ryder Cup if he felt there were other, better choices. That's because Jack likes to win, and would hope as a player or captain to help form a winning team. It's not about who deserves what honor or chance to play. It's about putting together a winning team. Lopez has never seemed to get that.

No, what's disgusting here is the fact that stating what appears to be a fairly obvious case of Old Girl Networking can be derided as "disgusting." Lopez has not done anyone a favor with her comments about young players (see: Jenny Chausiriporn versus Se Ri Pak in the Women's Open for history on Lopez and up-and-comer hating). Lopez has not done anyone a favor by choosing pals she played with twenty years ago over younger, better golfers. And Lopez has done all of us, "we" being Americans, wrong by fielding a team that is far less competitive than it should be.

Worse than all the other errors, though, Lopez also fails to build her team around the course the competition will be held on. So much for home-course advantage. The Stick requires length, first and foremost. So instead of taking big hitters off the tee, she goes for "experience". Meantime, the European captain chose an excellent team for the course, making four of her five selections very long hitters. There's an idea - get players who will perform well on the tournament course. Crazy!

As a final kick in the pants, Lopez's choices will guarantee less of her all-so-important experience at the next Solheim Cup. After all, Wie and Pressel will still be rookies to the Cup next time because they are not playing this time. And no matter the captain, those two will be on the team. Top ten in points won't be a problem for either of them.

It's all very unfortunate. And Kate's vehement commentary does nothing but try to defend the indefensible.
08/29/05 @ 16:16
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
Thank you for your replies and I have enjoyed considering your points of view. However, I would be interested to know which 'young', 'better' players Nancy left out of the side in favour of Beth?

Beth was chosen over Dorothy Delasin who has tried and failed to make the team on 2 previous occasions, 30-year-old Heather Bowie who did nothing to impress at Barseback in 2003 and Stacy Prammanasudh, who I have no doubt will feature on future teams, but has not featured at the top in enough events to hold her own in a Solheim Cup. The fact is that Nancy made the right choices.

Once again, you are confusing the issues of who should be playing now and who should be playing in 2 or 4 years time.
08/30/05 @ 09:39
Comment from: arnie [Visitor]
Oh god, you could seen this blog coming a mile down the tracks. We all knew Michelle Wie wasn't going to be picked, and sure enough we knew the knee jerk Wie-bie's were going to cry.

Gee, those minor issues like the fact that SHE'S NOT AN LPGA MEMBER and she has NO EXPERIENCE IN MATCH PLAY UNDER PRESSURE against the best in the world, probably had nothing to do with Nancy Lopez's decision...
08/30/05 @ 12:44
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
These Wie-whiners are getting ridiculous. I was glad to see that Jack Nicklaus name was brought up (Candace) in this debate. Nicklaus did not get to play in the Ryder Cup until 1969 ... his 8th year as a professional. Want to know why? Because it was run by the PGA (by the way, that's PROFESSIONAL Golfer's Assoc) and they had eligibility rules. He hadn't been a pro LONG ENOUGH. If ever a rule would have been changed to accomodate a true superstar, it would have been in the early 60's. By the time for the 1963 Ryder Cup matches, Jack had WON the US Amateur in twice and WON 3 professional majors. And the PGA of America said "Sorry Jack, but you can't play for SIX more years!" Thankfully that rule has been relaxed to allow any PRO who could earn his way on the side. The greatest amateur of all time never got to play in the PGA, ever. You might have heard of him - his name is Bobby Jones.

I believe that the LPGA cheapened itself by inviting an amateur to play in it's LPGA Championship. Just goes to show how desperate the women's game is for attention. I'm almost surprised they didn't give Lopez a mandate to pick Michelle Wie for the Solheim Cup.

I love Michelle Wie & her game and hope that she will reach her potential one day, but sorry, she does not belong in such a prestigious pro-only event. Hell, she hasn't even won the US Women's AMATEUR yet.
08/30/05 @ 13:35
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Kate, Arnie, and Shanks - I have one question, stripped of any of the other issues for just a moment, that I'd be interested in hearing your reply to:

On the course this Cup will be played at, two weeks from now, who do you think has a better chance to score points for the U.S. team, Wie or Beth Daniel? Given the course requires length off the tee first and foremost, and given how she has performed in the 14 LPGA events she has played in the past two years, don't you think Wie has a much better chance to win in singles, and would contribute much more in foursomes and especially in fourball, than Beth?
08/30/05 @ 14:01
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
I'm pretty 'disgusted' too! I'm disgusted at the folks who bash Nancy for not picking Michelle when she's clearly not eligible. I'm disgusted at Nancy for not choosing the best eligible players instead of 'experienced cronies'. I'm disgusted with Kate trying to justify Nancy's lame picks. AND, I'm disgusted with Candace because she is so DARN logical (what a cogent analysis)! Just kidding about the last one........
08/30/05 @ 14:32
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Candace, if Michelle Wie were a member of the LPGA, Nancy Lopez would have to be a moron not to include her on the team. Of course, I'd want her. But she's not eligible. End of story.
08/30/05 @ 16:06
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Fair enough - you look at the letter of the law (stating LPGA vs LET), while I think the spirit of that rule, and the tournament as a whole, is not violated by having Wie on the team.

But regardless, you agree that Wie's ability, shown through her play the past two years, warrants a spot on the team IF she were an LPGA member. On the issue of whether or not Lopez should look at any amateur for the captain's choices, I will agree to disagree with you.

I still think choosing Beth Daniel is an Old Girl Network decision on Lopez's part. Whether or not she would have considered Wie, I think Lopez should have looked for someone playing better golf leading into the tournament, and someone who has a strong distance game to match up with the course.
08/30/05 @ 18:31
Comment from: George [Visitor]
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Kate, Arnie, and Shanks - I have one question, stripped of any of the other issues for just a moment, that I'd be interested in hearing your reply to:

On the course this Cup will be played at, two weeks from now, who do you think has a better chance to score points for the U.S. team, Wie or Beth Daniel? Given the course requires length off the tee first and foremost, and given how she has performed in the 14 LPGA events she has played in the past two years, don't you think Wie has a much better chance to win in singles, and would contribute much more in foursomes and especially in fourball, than Beth?

But it's not just driving distance, that's important, right? Otherwise wouldn't Brittany Lincicome be a better pick over the captain's picks that Lopez did make? She's #1 in driving distance (although I believe around 150 or so in accuracy). And she is a professional golfer, to boot.

And have other exceptions been made? IOW, has an amateur ever been a captain's pick over an LPGA-er?

08/30/05 @ 21:14
Comment from: roy smith [Visitor]
Where it the rules does it say that you have to be an LPGA member? And if there was such a rule like that, how ridiculous is that? Why don't they further restrict the best from playing by not allowing rookies to play on the team? What does experience have to do with anything? By that reasoning, Wie should have missed the cut in all the tournaments that she played in. Experience matters when it matters. And it doesn't matter here. Of course Lopez knows this. And she knows perfectly well (just as everyone else does) that Daniels will not play better than Wie. Lopez picked Daniels because she is a friend. Her explanations for picking her are so fake that they should be put in the fake hall of shame.
08/31/05 @ 02:56
Comment from: Cheryl [Visitor]

I'm a HUGE Michelle Wie fan but unfortunately I don't think she should be picked either because of the point system involved.

Even though she will definitely help the US team win, its just not fair to pick her over people who have the points to make it.

Let's just wait for Michelle, it already looks like she's going pro in October so she'll be definitely playing next year.

Also--she's in school right now --even if she gets picked she won't be able to make it anyway.
08/31/05 @ 08:26
Comment from: Cher Street Lee [Visitor]
As an American living in Scotland, it would be appreciated if you gave these fine players some respect and support of their talent. I followed the ladies at Loch Lomond Scotland and suffered with them in defeat. The conditions were terrible and their was very little support for the Americans. They were serious and dedicated. They took the defeat in the spirit of the game.
The Captain has selected the team--please support them. It is just too easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.
Get behind the flag!
08/31/05 @ 13:33
Comment from: George [Visitor]
Comment from: roy smith [Visitor

** Where it the rules does it say that you have to be an LPGA member? And if there was such a rule like that, how ridiculous is that? **

I thought the U.S. members of the Solheim Cup team had to be American-born professional golfers, maybe even specifically with LPGA cards. Maybe not. I'm sure somebody has an answer.

But what about my other question? Have any exceptions ever been made, where an amateur was allowed on the Solheim team?

Was Tiger Woods allowed to play on the Ryder Cup team when he was an amateur?

This isn't a "gotcha" question.

I really know of no exceptions, but maybe somebody knows of one, at least from the Arnold Palmer era through the Tiger Woods era.

08/31/05 @ 21:16
Comment from: George [Visitor]
* Comment from: Cheryl [Visitor] *
I'm a HUGE Michelle Wie fan but unfortunately I don't think she should be picked either because of the point system involved.

Let's just wait for Michelle, it already looks like she's going pro in October so she'll be definitely playing next year.

Michelle Wie might go pro this year, but she won't be on the team before 2007, since I think the Solheim is played only in odd-numbered years.

And if Wie turns pro this fall, would that mean she automatically gets her LPGA tour card? Don't they make the amateurs go to Q School or some such after they turn 18?

08/31/05 @ 21:41
Comment from: Cheryl [Visitor]

I'm not an expert on the rules but I read on Golf Rewind-(a golf forum) something about if a golfer can prove via numerous high finishes in the LPGA tour that they are financially able to support themselves as a pro that they can bypass Q-school. With all her high finishes , I don't think Michelle will have a problem with this.

The tricky thing for Michelle will be the age thing. She will only be turning 16 in October, and I think they do enfoce the 18 years of age pretty strictly. I think she is a very rare case however, and there is a new commissioner so she may be able to get approval.

But again I'm no expert, so we'll all have to wait and see...

:) -Cheryl
08/31/05 @ 22:22
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Anyone can turn pro at any time by satying I am willing to accept money. LPGA or PGA membership does not follow simply because one is a pro. Here is a question. Could you be a member of the LPGA or PGA and still be an amateur if you refuse to accept money? Retaining membership would be more difficult since you would stay at zero on the official earnings list. It seems unlikely that anyone would want to do this--but is it permissable by the rules?

The LPGA did allow Aree Song to become a member before she was 18--but after she graduated from high school. Michelle Wie should graduate in 2007 four months or so before she turns 18. But she might not choose to request a waiver.
09/01/05 @ 01:39
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Hey guys. Follow Jen's link to MIchelle Wie for a good laugh. SI.com doesn't know the difference between Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam. The article said Sorenstam's hope for a grand slam ended with an 82 and a tie for 23rd at the US Open. Annika did finish in a tie for 23rd along with Michelle and others--but it was Michelle who shot the 82. And this was in an article about Michelle Wie. But maybe we shouldn't blame SI as much as the Associated Press which copywrited the story. In any case someone should be very thankful that his or her name is not attached to the story.

09/01/05 @ 01:58
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Follow up. SI published comments by Morgan Pressel complaining about not enough press attention to Michelle Wie's round of 82. In fact, I suspect that Michelle Wie's round of 82 became, at least for a while, the best known round of golf ever played by anyone.

Knowing it led to a T23 and knowing that Annika finished with a T23, it sounds like an AP sortswriter in Britian came to the ridiculous conclusion that that kind of attention must be directed at Annika's fall from grace and the failure of her quest for the grand slam. Even while writing a story about Michelle Wie, it probably did not occur to the writer that one bad round by a 15 year leaving her tied with Annika could be that much of a bigger story than the failed grand slam attempt of the greatest woman golfer who ever lived.
09/01/05 @ 02:37
Comment from: Syrus [Visitor]

I agree James C.-- there are a lot of people jealous of Michelle Wie--but they don't realize that even if her successes are highly publicized -so will her failures.
09/01/05 @ 08:08
Comment from: mamboking [Visitor]
Facts please!!!

Michelle Wie doesn't belong on the Solheim cup because she is an amateur golfer. She belongs on the Curtis cup as an amateur. For those people calling stupid the rule that only pros can go to the Solheim cup, what's next? How stupid it is that only amateurs go to the Curtis cup?? Since when the Golf ruling bodies are supposed to start changing competition rules just because people like a particular player that is not eligible......
09/01/05 @ 11:42
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Thr requirement on the books is LPGA membership. From what I have read, Morgan Pressel would already be a pro if not for the fact that she wished to be eligible for the Junior Solheim Cup. She would certainly have been happy to accept LPGA status to be eligible for the Solheim Cup.

Michelle Wie is rumored to be palnning to turn pro in October. Turning pro for the Solheim Cup is something she may have been willing to do.

Amateur events designed for people who pursue a sport in their spare time exclude professionals who pursue a sport on a full time basis for a living because the pros would have an unfair advantage. There ia also a history of rich man elitism here--but there is still a reasonable rationale for excluding pros from amateur events.

By excluding amateurs, the pros forfeit any claim that their competition is a competition between the best.
09/01/05 @ 14:05
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
"By excluding amateurs, the pros forfeit any claim that their competition is a competition between the best."

Here, here, Jim. That's my issue with the "must be an LPGA member" rule. I thought the spirit of the competition was the best from America against the best from Europe.
09/02/05 @ 00:36
Comment from: Syrus [Visitor]
Jennifer Mario--

What about Baldie's latest blog huh ? It looks like desperation has really set in and he will write just about anything to get attention. There wasn't even a mention of golf in his entire diatribe.

Too bad only 4 people have commented, 2 of which came from people who work at this website LOL !!

Hope it stays that way!
09/02/05 @ 10:37
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
The following is taken verbatim from the Solheim Cup website and explains everything about the qualifications which not everyone seems to want to accept:

"The Solheim Cup matches feature the top European-born players from the Robe Di Kappa Ladies European Tour (LET) and the top U.S.-born players from the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) competing in a format similar to the Ryder Cup.

Now the premier team event in women?s professional golf, players on both sides of the Atlantic compete for points in their respective tour events to earn a coveted spot on the team."
09/02/05 @ 14:06
Comment from: James COULTHARD [Visitor]
If the women pros didn't have such tender egos they would know the best way to promote ladies' golf would be to put Wie, and preferably Wie and Pressel on the American Solheim Cup Team.

But given that there are tender egos, Nancy Lopez's picks may actualy be the best thing for ladies' golf. Nancy has provided an alternate target for resentment at least among younger pros--herself and her buddies.

A case can be made for giving an older pro a curtain call--particularly when the Cup venue is in the US. Certainly Ward and Daniels didn't miss qualifying by merit by that much. But Lopez made such a fuss about how it would be unfair to bypass LPGA players who earned the honor as a justification for not picking Wie. Yet the two players who did the most to earn the "right" to be captain's picks, Delasin and Bowie were bypassed in favor of two of Lopez's friends. This may help the LPGA players relate to Wie since she can no longer be the sole target of their feelings that there is unfairness.
09/03/05 @ 21:33
Comment from: Syrus [Visitor]
James Coulthard

Insightful stuff :)

However I think Morgan Pressel is highly overrated-she definitely does not deserve to be on the Solheim Cup even if she was a pro.

Don't get me wrong-she's a great amateur but professional ?

She had that great run at the U.S. Open where she was the runner up--but her last two LPGA tournaments ?

She finished 25th at an LPGA tournament a couple of weeks ago and is tied for 17th at the weak field of the State Farm Classic this weekend--
I'm sorry but that is mediocre when you compare Michelle Wie's and Paula Creamer's finishes in the LPGA.

Morgan Pressel is as arrogant as they come- and she can't even back it up.
09/03/05 @ 23:23
Comment from: James COULTHARD [Visitor]
Morgan Pressel is not at the level of Wie or Creamer. But we do not need to compare her with Wie or Creamer. How does she stack up against Delasin, Bowie, Ward, and Daniels?

Morgan Pressel has ties for 19 Kraft, 19 Micelob, 23 Chick-Fil-A, 2 US Womens Open, 23 Jamie Farr, and 25 Wendys. No American pro outside the top 10 can approach this level of consistent high finishes.

On a USGA type course, Wie and Pressel would clearly be the best choices. This would still be true on a typical LPGA course. But on the Solheim course which favors long hitters, Wie and Bowie would probably be a better choice. But Wie and Pressel would certainly generate more electricity, and the inclusion of Pressel would help to deflect some of the resentment away from Wie.

The tournament this week is after the selection of the Cup team--but Pressel is having an outstanding final round. If not for Michelle Wie, Morgan Pressel would be getting a lot less attention(since very few people would care about women's golf)--but I think she could have a realistic shot at callenging Paula Creamer as the number one women's golfer in the post-Anika era. It would depend upon how courses are set up, and what Morgan does with her length off the tee. Remember, Morgan is still a full time high school student who is a year and half younger than Paula.

Unfortunately Morgan Pressel became a poster child for Wie critics who thought that Wie should stay in her place and not compete against the boys. They built up Morgan Pressel in an effort to tear down Wie by comparison. Morgan Pressel did back up her ill considered SI comments with a US Women's Amateur title. BUT she has nowhere near the potential of Michelle Wie, and neither does Paula Creamer.

I think it is possible that Morgan Pressel has mellowed on the subject of Michelle Wie since her Amateur win.

09/04/05 @ 14:09
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
To James C.

Sounds like you want to be captain because you know better than Ms. Lopez. I'll defer to her incredible record of integrity and intimate knowledge of the situation. Ward and Daniel are both playing very well of late AND they have been in this tough atmosphere before. Why in the hell would she take 2 Solheim rookies who are not playing well? They give the captain 2 "choices" for a reason.
09/06/05 @ 11:51
Comment from: James COULTHARD [Visitor]
Nancy Lopez picked Beth Daniel as a way to honor a golfer whose LPGA career began in 1979--but even if we just look at professionals, Heather Bowie would have been a better choice to help the team win. She ranks higher in Solheim Cup points and she has a game very well suited to the course. And Heather Bowie even has Solheim Cup experience. The leadership argument is bunk. Can't Nancy Lopez provide leadership? What about Meg Mallon and Juli Inkster?

Daniel is playing very well of late? After a 48th and a 56th in the Evian and the British, she had a year's best 5th in her next tourney, and missed the cut in her last one. That may be well for Beth Daniel, but compare that to a 2nd and a 3rd in the Evian and the British for Michelle Wie in her last two--and if you like, a 2nd and a 23rd in two Majors right before that. Remember also that Wie and Pressel both played in last year's Curtis Cup along with Paula Creamer. It is the same type of competition.

09/06/05 @ 23:33
Comment from: Candace Polski [Visitor]
Better yet, Shanks and Jim C - if Beth Daniel is only on the team for her "leadership" and her "inspiration for the younger players", why not make her assistant captain? Why have her sacrifice a playing spot for this savvy, this grit, this moxie? She can impart all those things without going out and losing points, which will dampen the positive effect her inspiration will have on the overall team performance.

Say what you want about Wie as a candidate, but don't try and defend the Daniel pick. That was pure, unadulterated favoritism. Or perhaps, in greater deference to Nancy Lopez's competitive spirit, it's pure bias. Nancy may be blinded by poor judgement and a lack of a coherent strategy for using her choices to improve the chances of the U.S. team. Europe seems to have used their picks more effectively, from what I am reading. Perhaps considering the course itself would have been a good idea for Captain Lopez to consider.
09/07/05 @ 02:44
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Please get off the Wie-for-Solheim nonsense ... she's not eligible, period. As far as the pick, I can see the argument for a seasoned, great ball-striker (Daniel) in this competition, especially alternate shot where the Americans got smoked last time. Neither Bowie nor Delasin were playing very well while under the gun to make the team on points, so why go with them based on a good performance once the pressure was off? The pressure of the event will only be about 10 times worse.
09/07/05 @ 09:27
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
And one more thing ... Daniel was 2-1-1 in the 2003 Cup, which includes being forced to concede her match in that ridiculous premature ending to the 2003 competition. JC's awesome pick, Heather Bowie, LOST all 3 matches she played. Nice experience there, Jim.
09/07/05 @ 10:02
Comment from: jp [Visitor]
Remember Hal Sutton, Captain Ryder Cup, went on war path, complete with uniforms and tough talk.

The American Solheim Cup team is going in the same direction, following a young rookie talking too much.

The Ryder Cup team went down with a record low score....more of the same. Remember, it's a game
09/07/05 @ 11:00
Comment from: James COULTHARD [Visitor]
Beth Daniel had a much better year than Bowie in 2003, including her only win since 1995. That year she did not need to be a captain's pick. This year it is Bowie who has had the much better year with a win and 6 other top 10 finishes compared to only two a T5 and a T9 for Daniel.
09/07/05 @ 23:46
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
There's no denying that, Jim.
09/08/05 @ 07:55
Comment from: Paul F [Visitor]
To James Coulthard,s comment of 9/6: Morgan Pressel was not a member of the 2004 Curtis Cup Team.

As for the Solheim Cup team, Wie and Pressel were not eligible. But Wie was not even picked for the Jr. Solheim Cup Team either. The rule states the best 12 junior amateurs (12 - 18 yrs. old) are picked. I assume 10 picks were the top 10 point getters from AJGA held events. Were there 2 Captain's picks? (The European team had 5 Captain's picks.) Is someone saying Wie is not one of the 12 best junior amateurs? Did Wie turn down playing the event? If not, then someone blew a great opportunity to really showcase this event media-wise and attendance-wise. For the 2 days this event was played I did not see any media coverage. Not even on the LPGA site. This is what Michelle can do and will continue to do.
As for the 2007 Solheim Cup, Wie will not yet be 18 years old. If the rule of eligibility remains the same she will not be an LPGA card member and she will not have any Solheim points no matter what she does on tour, even if she is already a professional. She must then be a Captain's pick.
And for those who say we has not won anything to warrant the hype. Just remember this. Sorenstam took 2 weeks off between events recently. She did not touch a club in that time and finished second. Michelle Wie went over two months between the Kraft Nabisco in March and LPGA Championship in June without any competitive golf - no tournaments (She played one qualifying round for the U.S. Open in Hawaii). She finished second at the LPGA, a tournament she was not exactly welcomed with open arms. To me that's simply incredible.
09/08/05 @ 12:25
Comment from: James COULTHARD [Visitor]
My mistake on Pressel in the Curtis Cup. I believe I read that Colleen Walker would have loved to have Wie on her Jr. Solheim Cup team--but Wie my not have taken her up on it for any of a variety of reasons. She may not have wanted to take a position that would have otherwise gone to a younger girl such as Hawaii's Kimberly Kim.

I din't realize the American team already had 4 players over 40 before Lopez added Daniel as a 5th. That really says something about the Nancy's argument that the team needed Daniel for her experience.

As far a 2007 is concerned, the Aree Song precedent suggests that Wie might be made an LPGA member when she graduates from high school whenever that would be late May or June. She would then have a couple of months to earn Solheim Cup points, which might be enough for her. Of course, Wie has her sights on the Ryder Cup. Every other American gains prestige from playing in the Solheim Cup--but Michelle Wie is already bigger than the Solheim Cup, and it is the Solheim Cup which would gain prestige if she were to play in it. Can you guess how much that bugs the stodgier members of the LPGA?

Actually I doubt that Michelle Wie will beg the LPGA to allow her to be a member for she turne 18. Instead expect to see Michelle Wie playing in a PGA event the week of the next Solheim Cup.

09/08/05 @ 18:25
Comment from: arnie [Visitor]
How's that crow tasting this morning Jenno? I tell you, I for one, am shocked that Nancy Lopez knows more about selecting a solid golf team than travel writers like you. And I'm also breathing a sigh of relief at finally knowing that U.S. women's golf is actually just fine without Michelle Wie in the mix. I know that's a shock to some, but thank god it's true. We call all sleep easier tonight.
09/11/05 @ 17:09
Comment from: James Coulthard [Visitor]
Let's see. How many wins were there by Nancy Lopez picks? Zero. That is really picking them. Did you know it is impossible for captain's picks to have a total number of wins less than zero?

Right now much of the interest in women's golf is generated by Michelle Wie--even when it comes to events where she does not play. What do you think will happen to all this interest in women's golf if Michelle Wie stops playing in the LPGA and starts winning on the PGA? Why do you think Mancy Lopez made an idiot out of herself lecturing Michelle Wie about how she shouldn't talk about playing on the PGA until she had beaten Annika? Why are there all those questions asked of Michelle Wie about her loyalty to the women's game? WHAT THAT MEANS is not women's golf but the LPGA which refuses to grant Michelle Wie even the opportunity to try to become a member.

09/15/05 @ 12:53

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