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Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
Michelle Wie's number one peeve is the guy who takes it upon himself to hgelp you understand your English homework when the book you are reading is the "Scarlet Letter".*-
10/23/05 @ 17:54
Comment from: meetoo [Visitor]
I have a few..

1. Marshals/Course Assistants thst seem more interested in watching your swing/chatting than moving things along

2. Cart girls who only appear on the second and LAST holes.

3. Stroke and Distance

4. A divot NOT being ground "under repair"

5. A WAY TO SMALL blog photo of Jennifer Mario. She looks kind of cute....but who can really tell?
10/24/05 @ 09:08
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor]
I agree with all those, Jen. As for the yardage thing - isn't the point of the red tees to make golf more equitable? When guys are hitting 3 wood, wedge and we have to hit driver, 3 wood, I'd say there has been a failure in the equity of the system.
I love a good opportunity to complain, so I'll add a few peeves of my own.

4. Snobs in the pro shop: get over yourselves!

3. Being paired up with course know-it-alls: "Never played here before? Let me explain EVERY detail of where you want to put EVERY shot." If only they'd hold my hand when I go to the restroom...

2. Tantrums: if you're upset with your performance on a particular swing or hole score, hold off on your tantrum until others have finished their swings (especially putts).

1. Disrespect on the tees: In addition to ego, this might be a reason guys will play the blacks when the other guys do even though they're smart enough to know they should play from the whites. When a group of people are hitting from one set of tees (say, 3 men hitting from the whites) and the fourth person is hitting from the reds (say, me) they're all quiet and respectful while the three of them tee off. Then I walk up to my tees (always having to hit last even if I've earned honors) and the way they carry on back there is as if the teeing off has already been completed or they think their voices don't travel the whopping 15 yards distance to the reds. Yesterday, one guy's tee shot went into the weeds to the side of the red tees and he was thrashing around cracking the reeds in my periforal vision while I was trying to tee off. Clueless!
10/24/05 @ 11:41
Comment from: joey [Visitor]
Peeves: Archaic nit-picky rules that have nothing to do with performance, or trying to cheat, or gain some advantage. For example, penalty for wind moving your ball after you addressed it. Slightly damaged club in your bag, do you think I gained an advantage by altering it? Stroke and distance should be outlawed because it hurts pace of play. I could go on, but it would take up way too much space.
10/24/05 @ 13:36
Comment from: Wei [Visitor]
How about the $3 Gatorade. Forget gas prices, there's some serious price gouging going on at your local golf course.
10/24/05 @ 23:22
Comment from: metoo [Visitor]
A few more...

Hot dogs that have been left cooking since Eisenhower was President

Starters who are stretching to gawk at your ass (I don't know about you Jen...but its starting to piss me off!)

Undercharged golf carts running out of gas at the furthest point from the hole

People who REFUSE to fix ballmarks

The guy who yells "ONE" every time the ball falls off the tee before you hit

Courses that have the holes so tight together you hear "fore" and "incoming" so much you feel like your in a scene from "apocalypse now".

Playing partners whose only tip in life is..."you lifted your head on that one"

10/25/05 @ 10:10
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Hot dogs roasting since the Eisenhower Administration is a bonus. Sorry to break it to you, metoo.

5. People that hit two balls really piss me off. If you hit it that bad, get your butt off the course and get on the range.

4. People that can't hold their booze on the golf course, who yell at making a two-footer.

3. Cart person who drives while you are in your address position.

2. People who run to try to play through you.

1. Women who complain of sexism on the golf course. We all deal with the situation you described, so get over it.

11/01/05 @ 18:58
Comment from: C. Scarff [Visitor]
Men's whites are often found back at the blues, and blues back at the blacks when tee conditions dictate.
11/04/05 @ 16:41
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

While I don't condone the behavior, I have one question:

What is more disappointing, a starter "stretching to gawk at your ass " or the day you realize that the starter is no longer stretching to gawk at your ass?
11/04/05 @ 18:44
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
5. Ladies/forward tees tacked on just 10 yards ahead of the regular mens tees - takes some of the fun out of the game for all but the best women golfers. It's not even close to fair and it slows play too.

4. ALL of the Golf Channel announcers except Nobilo - where did they dig up these guys?

3. Golf Carts - should be only for those with legitmate physical issues besides being fat & lazy.

2. No driving range at course - how's a brother supposed to start well without a proper warm-up?

1. Slow play - 'nuff said.
11/15/05 @ 15:07
Comment from: aGolphinGuy [Visitor]
This is one I go through at least once or twice every round I play: Walking around a tee box looking for a yardage marker to select the proper club. The marker which started out the size of a dinner plate is now the size of a donut because it's so overgrown with grass.
If these yardage markers are maintained would this not help in speeding up play?
11/22/05 @ 10:53
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
yeah, and what about those pro shops that have nothing but ridiculously high-priced golf balls?

Also, double and even triple-teeing

Also, I travel a lot to review courses and, as a single, they frequently pair me up with guys at least 150 years old who hit it 50 yards off the tee on a good day. Shouldn't there be more of an effort to pair people with similar handicaps? Yeah, that may be asking too much
11/30/05 @ 11:35
Comment from: sean [Visitor]
Also I don't know if this was mentioned but not being abled to find a yardage marker,or (heres #1)Charging for range balls when you have already paid 100$ or more for your round !! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I was out in Vegas last April and played Vegas National 125$ green fee 7$bucket of balls. Will NEVER play there ever again!
11/30/05 @ 17:38
Comment from: J.J. Gowland [Visitor]
Terrific pet peeves!
here's a couple of mine.
A golfer (male)a 22 handicaper, insisting that the 12 handicap lady must play from the forward tees.

bad shot player stomping around the tee while others are trying to tee off. gosh, he does it around the green too. Guys talking after they've finished their putts but the lady hasn't yet.

having to putt over a sprinkler head at the fringe of the green but if your ball is on one you can move the ball. If it's bad enough not to putt from what makes it any better to putt over?
Great stuff here!
J.J. Gowland
author of "Confessions of a Sandbagger"
PS Tim. I commisserate with you about the pro shops placing a single any where. I usually tell the pro shop what my handicap is so he (and it's usually a he), knows that I'm no slouch.
04/18/06 @ 17:08

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