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Comment from: Alva [Visitor]
I think some candies and chocolates would do better for an eight yr old gal.
06/16/06 @ 02:59
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
This is one of the problems of todays society. The parents want the kids to excel at an earlier age than what they themselves did. Tweeners are not eight year olds...they are 10, 11 & 12 year olds. That is, they have reached double digits, but they are not yet a 'Teen'. What's next, drivers license at age 8? No wonder people are 'burned out' at an early age these days. At age 8, they should be receiving their first 2-wheel bicycle - a 20 inch model, 'cause they are not big enough to reach the pedals on a 26 inch model. A bicycle is something they can use everyday, by themself.
06/16/06 @ 05:21
Comment from: Hoyt Decker [Visitor]
I hear you John D. But how then do you explain the fact that people these days need to reach, oh, about their mid 30s before they start even TRYING to act like adults?
06/16/06 @ 05:41
Comment from: Bobbie Carlton [Visitor]
Hi Jennifer -- I went through something similar myself, only I have a nine year old boy! Four years ago I had to put my foot down about Harry Potter because my son wasn't ready emotionally for dead parents and the other scary stuff in HP. That said, forgive the semi-commercial, but I work for a company that provides tween girls (officially 9-13) with books and products that are appropriate. We have a series of books based on the adventures of 5 diverse nine year old girls. Check it out and "keep swinging!"
06/16/06 @ 08:46
Comment from: Jean [Visitor]
I represent a great line of girls LPGA golf sets that come in 3 sizes and in pink. They are great quality and value priced.
06/16/06 @ 12:07
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
All the Mon daughters have Bratz, and they are not yet tiptoeing the path to Ho-Dom. In fact, faking being a Ho may be the outlet they need to avoid being a real Ho. I'll let you Kno in about six years. Does your kid like golf? All four of mine hate it, so I'm a (L)One Wolf, as was Lenny on Laverne and Shirley, in the golf department. My wife despises the game.
06/16/06 @ 18:30
Comment from: Yuna [Visitor]
Who is to say that girls who grow up with the Bratz won't turn out "Just fine"? In the several years that Barbie has been on the market, she too has sported heavy makeup and mini skirts. Why is it okay and "Just fine" for Barbie but it makes the Bratz a "ho"? Sounds like a hypocritical statement.
06/17/06 @ 20:11
Comment from: Ethanwills [Visitor]
Happy B'day to her. Oh she's gonna 8 years!!!!! Grown enough to stab you back with things. Present her accordingly, i mean some clothes, they wont hurt you.
06/22/06 @ 01:48
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Jen, It seems you wrote a book titled "Michelle Wie-the making of a champion". It is not released yet, but I see the cover on Amazon.com. Can you explain what this book is about and how you got to write it ? Thinking of buying but need to know what it entails... Does this have some approval by Wie camp ?
06/26/06 @ 02:58
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jay, Your last sentence referring to the "Wie camp" said a lot about that bunch. Since when does an author have to seek approval of a book from an idiotic stage father? And the title of Jennifer's book is a real joke. Champion of what?
06/26/06 @ 21:51

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