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HSBC Women's Champions separating the women from the girls

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Holy cow, have you seen the HSBC Women's Champions leaderboard? Lorena Ochoa, in her debut event of the season, is making a bold statement with two rounds of 66, 65. The statement, of course, is a rather loud "Move over, Annika, there's a new number one… more »

LPGA logo reaction roundup: It's new but is it improved?

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Last October the LPGA unveiled their new logo. Personally I'm a fan, mainly because anything had to be better than the old one. The "swinging lady" in the old image looked suspiciously unserious, more like a weekend golfer who gets tips from her boyf… more »

Five golf partners you should run from

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CNN is running a nifty little feature called Ten Guys Women Should Run From. You know, possessive bullies who threaten to beat you up and/or cheat on you--"It may first appear charming, but jealous boyfriends will quickly get irritating!" Wow, really? Pe… more »

Lorena Ochoa image stirs cartoon controversy: Who knew golf could cause such unrest?

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At least four people were killed, cars burned, mobs rioted, and death threats were issued following the publication of a religious image deemed offensive... No wait, I'm thinking of the wrong cartoon controversy. Sorry, let me start over. Several peop… more »

Paula Creamer says "Think Pink"

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Paula Creamer picked up her fifth LPGA win yesterday at the Fields Open, making four birdies in the last five holes to edge out leader Jeong Jang on the eighteenth. It was Creamer's second win in Hawaii, following last year's win at the season-opening SB… more »

Five reasons to watch the Fields Open tonight

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Five reasons to watch the Fields Open tonight: 1) It might be Saturday, but today is the final round of this 54-hole tournament. Wait until tomorrow to tune in and you'll be staring a blank screen. Or some random infomercial. Or an Oscar preshow or so… more »

Michelle Wie in the lead at the Fields Open?

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I just checked the leaderboard at the LPGA's Fields Open and nearly fell out of my chair. Through 14 holes, Michelle Wie is currently at 4 under par, putting her (alone) in first place. If that's not a blog opportunity, I don't know what is, whether t… more »

Can Athleta change the way you look at golf?

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I just got an email in my inbox that asked me to let "change the way I look at golf." I'm not sure how Athleta?a sportswear company I've always associated with yoga and rock climbing?knew how I looked at golf in the first place, but I… more »

Fields Open features hot Hawaiian teen -- no, not that one

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Now that Annika Sorenstam has claimed the season's first trophy, it's time to look ahead to next weekend's Fields Open at Ko Olina. Why? Because you might get a sneak peek at one of golf's most talented up and comers. No, I'm not talking about Michell… more »

Annika Sorenstam on top at the SBS Open: is everyone else playing for Number Two again?

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After firing a second-round 67 at the SBS Open, Annika Sorenstam has a share of the lead, making the leaderboard look a little bit like it did back in the old days. A herniated disk last season toppled Sorenstam from the number-one spot she'd monopol… more »

Women's Golf 2008 Season Preview

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Women's golf begins the 2008 season this week at the SBS Open at Turtle Bay. Let's see, storylines, storylines. They're a little hard to come by at the moment, what with Michelle Wie being something of a nonfactor and the "youth-movement" growing up.… more »

Hillary Clinton no fun on the golf course, say readers

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Yeah, I know I said let's take a break from politics, but this one is just too easy. is currently running a poll on its front page: Which of the presidential candidates would be the least fun on the golf course? Guess who's leading. Ye… more »

Golf: a welcome break from Super Tuesday

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Turn on the TV these days, read the blogs, and it's all Super Tuesday, all the time. Hillary cried! McCain shouted! Emotions are running high! I for one am sick of it already. So I hereby propose a break from politics. I say we cut out early and go go… more »
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