4 reasons to watch the McDonald's LPGA Championship

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It?s shaping up to be a great week in women?s golf. Why? Because the LPGA Championship?oops, I mean the McDonald's LPGA Championship Presented by Coca-Cola, will be played this weekend. Normally that wouldn?t cause such a big blip on my golf… more »

Sandbaggers beware: we're onto you

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Tired of sandbaggers blowing the curve in your golf tournaments? Well I just read the latest Golf for Women magazine, and received the most useful tip I?ve ever gotten from a magazine: how to verify handicaps. That?s right, you can go to the USGA more »

Callaway, Titleist, and Ping: keep bragging. Tim: pipe down.

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In his latest blog, Tim McDonald claims that all the high-tech golf equipment coming out by the truckloads are just rip-offs. He says, ?you could go out and shoot just as well with those old persimmon drivers in the back of your garage you haven?t us… more »

Big Break III's Barbie pulls out of the LPGA Corning Classic

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It was Barbie?s last chance... Danielle Amiee of the Big Break III was supposed to tee it up today in the LPGA Corning Classic, but pulled out at the last minute, with a bunch of blah blah blah about a bad back. That's right. Her big prize for winn… more »

Jam Boy Rules!

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Just caught up on the new posts by The Reluctant Jam Boy. If you haven?t already heard of him, he?s a blogging caddy somewhere in Virginia whose real name is Steve. Or maybe it?s Tom. I think he?s getting a little more guarded with his identity.… more »

Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie breaking new ground--again

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A recap of the week in women?s golf: Annika picked up her 60th tournament win, at the Chick-fil-A Championship, with a 10-stroke lead buffering her from her closest competitor, Candie Kung. Where do you suppose she keeps all those trophies? Has she… more »

Demo Day: it's Callaway versus Mizuno Golf

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Today was Demo Day at my club. Ah, I love me some Demo Day. It?s like a free-for-all at the toy store. It doesn?t matter that I just got some new X-18s last week--I?m still gonna be there come Demo Day. We had two reps there today, from Callaway… more »

The eagle has landed

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Armed with my new clubs, my new swing, and even some new balls, I went out on the course yesterday and accomplished a new first. Uh huh, that?s right. If you read the title of this blog, you already know what it is. I made my first-ever eagle. It wa… more »

Why moms need stress relief

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Not long ago I wrote an article for TravelGolf.com about why more women should be playing golf. One of the benefits I listed was stress relief, as in relief from the stress of your job. ?Picture your pointy-haired boss?s head on the tee and swing awa… more »

Playing with the new Callaway X-18s

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I?m not an equipment rater, but I know what I like. After playing with the same irons for the last five years, I decided to upgrade. I shopped around and hit some demos, and finally decided on the new Callaway X-18s. For one thing, they promise jus… more »

Big Break III's Barbie misses cut at Michelob Ultra Open

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Danielle Amiee of Big Break III fame missed the cut at the Michelob Ultra Open, with two rounds of 79, 77. She was in good company the first day--even Annika was struggling, at +5, but pulled it together and ended up T12. Cristie Kerr was the eventual wi… more »

Cheryl Ladd speaks for all the "Token Chicks"

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Remember the blond on Charlie?s Angels? No, not Cameron Diaz. I'm talking about the vintage 1970s blue-eyeshadow disco-era Charlie?s Angels. Cheryl Ladd played the fourth angel after Farrah Fawcett ditched the show. Well apparently she?s a golfer.… more »

Will Michelle Wie be the next Anna Kournikova?

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My fellow bloggers have been talking a lot lately about Michelle Wie and her sponsor exemptions. Should she get them? Should she accept them? Is it nothing more than a publicity stunt? Yada yada yada. Well maybe it is nothing more than a publicity stu… more »

The Big Break III: We have a winnah!

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If The Big Break III were American Idol, Pam would've cleaned Danielle's clock. But it?s not American Idol, it?s golf, which is decided on the course, not as a popularity contest. Too bad, because Pam?s pretty popular. And Barbie isn?t. Bu… more »

Mrs. Smith goes to Pinehurst

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Ever have a guy give you the news about a friend?s new baby? Here?s what he?ll say: ?hey, the baby was born.? If you?re lucky you?ll find out if it was a boy or a girl. Here?s what a girlfriend would tell you: the baby?s gender, name… more »
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