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Comment from: jr [Visitor] Email
I disagree... you can still like the golf and not care for the person. btw..whats with all of the political commentary? It's like you're trying to change the subject.
12/03/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Tigger only hit a tree and a hydrant. IF he would have also hit a stop sign and a pedestrian, that would have been the BIG 4 AND Tigger would have his FIRST Grand Slam.
12/03/09 @ 16:20
Comment from: John [Visitor]
Comparing Tiger to Superman and Batman is ridiculous. The latter two are works of fiction. Tiger Woods is not and he this was a ticking time bomb the minute he allegedly strayed. Maybe some need their heroes, I sure don't. We reap what we sow, weeds and all.
12/04/09 @ 11:04
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
You err gravely when you perpetuate the idea that someone who hits a little white ball around should be a "hero." Woods is a sports star, nothing more, nothing less.

I agree with you on Nancy Pelosi, though.
12/05/09 @ 05:09
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
We don't need our superheroes; we need colleagues, relatives, and neighbors on which we can rely, depend and count. Superheroes and celebrities serve only to distract and entertain, and their supply is inexhaustible.
12/05/09 @ 10:36
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Eldrick Woods is a mongrel. His genetic confusion must be a very horrible thing to deal with - blame his parents, not him. Asian reason devoid of Christian temperance and animalistic African jungle sexuality is probably not the best combination for a young white lady seeking a husband. Elin got what she deserved - ugly children and probably STDs.
12/06/09 @ 01:05
Comment from: Tony L. [Visitor] Email
The Nancy Pelosi thought made me choke on my Cheerios. Had interesting conversations with Holly Geoghegan -- I on her radio show, and she on my show -- on this topic. We both agree that superstar athletes should not get married until they are abot 50, and have sowed all their wild oats.
12/06/09 @ 09:23

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