Something old, something new in golf books and history

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Just because a book is old doesn't mean it should gather dust on the back shelf. You might be surprised just how much fun you can get reading a book published in the early 1900s. You might also be amazed at how little the techniques in playing the game o… more »

Ladies earn bragging rights and more beating the men in Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge

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It was played November 10, but unless you were on site in Las Vegas at the Rio Secco Golf Club, you had to wait until December 19 and 20 to see the action and find out who won. That secret is closely held until the week before Christmas when each nine is… more »

Loving Gulfport and Biloxi, Mississippi for golf, casinos and great southern barbecue

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Everyone thinks of Florida, the Carolinas or California when wondering where to go for some warm-weather golf. But what if you could play golf in the gentle south, stay at a pretty great hotel where there were lots of entertainment options including casi… more »

Ahh, the power of chocolate to boost your energy & mood

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Stopping at the halfway house on a recent round of golf, I was looking for a quick energy fix besides Red Bull and a six pack. An admitted chocoholic, I grabbed the chocolate-flavored Performance Energy PowerBar. Though a bit chewy, it wasn't bad. Di… more »

Is the Tiger an Endangered Species?

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Note: As I wrote this before Tiger Woods just made his announcement to back off from golf for awhile, I obviously agree with his decision. Here is what I wrote. It's hard to imagine the media feeding frenzy when he next shows up to play in an event. C… more »

Could Tiger Woods' unplayable lies become a scaddy book?

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Thanks to Tiger-Gate, the media has had one of its hottest hay days since they discovered Barnum Bailey's Cardiff giant was an enormous hoax. I have never heard so many anchors, pitch men, entertainment reporters, PR people and just plain folks weigh in… more »

We need our Superheroes so give Tiger Woods some space. Please.

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Whadya think? Would you believe it? No way? Oh Yeah? The rumors fly. Just about the time Tiger Woods was crashing into a hydrant, the Salahis were stealing some of the limelight, gate crashing the White House. Running with both hot stories, the med… more »

An Obama family foursome could give golf a much needed boost

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It's well known President Barack Obama is a talented basketball player. What many may not know is he also plays golf. Well, sort of. Like William Howard Taft, the first U.S. president to play golf, Wilson, Harding, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon,… more »

What do NASCAR's Jimmie Johnson and Lorena Ochoa have in common?

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Jimmie Johnson and Lorena Ochoa are superb athletes at the top of their game. This weekend, both just reached a new milestone in their respective sports. Johnson, driving ace for Hendrick Motorsports captured his fourth consecutive Sprint Cup champi… more »

Top 5 absolutely off-the-wall golf gifts

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There are a lot of things out there these days to make the spikes rise up on the back of your neck. Some relief from the gloom and doom would be nice. So here we go: my Top 5 Absolutely Off-the-Wall Golf Gifts to Keep you Laughing through Tough Times.… more »

Shawnee pro reveals secret golf training aid to keep golfers from pulling up

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It may be time for a whipping. Jim Miller, Tillinghast Golf Academy's director of instruction at The Shawnee Inn in Pennsylvania (, says the hardest thing to teach in golf is to keep from pulling up. Miller recently went back into… more »

It's time to eat crow all you Wie naysayers. Slump? No way.

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Everyone in the world of golf has to be happy Michelle Wie has her first LPGA win. Playing in the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Mexico, Wie, Creamer, Shin and Kerr created great theater right up to the final day, all good news for the game of golf and for… more »

Wie Wheeee

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A great day for women’s golf. A great day for the LPGA. A great day for Michelle Wie herself. After six years, tears, 65 starts and a clutch sand wedge on the 18th… Finally. Wie is an LPGA champion. In her own words, “Absolutely… more »

In PGA Pro-Am golf events, no one cares how you’re playing, but YOU. So relax

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When I arrived at the Annandale Country Club, the sun wasn’t yet up on this brisk, foggy morning in Madison, Mississippi. I was playing in my first PGA Pro-Am event, the Viking Classic. Terrifying thought. Earlier that morning in the hotel lobby, o… more »

When it comes to drivers is BIGGER better?

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Does size count? If you go by what the club manufacturers are marketing, oh yeah. We're talking drivers. I bought into the trend when Callaway launched its Big Bertha. Then I tried the TaylorMade R7. Liked it. Now along comes Tour Edge's Exotics XCG-3… more »
French Lick Golf Packages
Dates: April 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018
Enjoy an unforgettable golf experience when you play two legendary courses designed by World Golf Hall of Fame architects – Pete Dye and Donald Ross. Both courses are rated in the Top 100 of America's Greatest Public Courses and are currently ranked as the #1 and #2 Courses You Can Play in Indiana.
Price range: $559