Indi Golf StingRay TT Wedges: Cult non-conforming wedges now in USGA conforming versions

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I've always been pretty darn good friends with my wedges. Several years watching the likes of Phil Mickelson and a few other Tour pros perform slight-of-hand magic around the greens have instilled in me the joy of short-game practice. But I've got so… more »

SmartGolf's Smart Putter brings laser-precision to your putting stroke

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There are a lot of ways to deliver the golf club to the ball. As long as the club face is square though impact, though, the shot will likely be good. Same goes for putting. These past decades have seen an explosion of putter styles and putting stroke… more »

2018 Father's Day golf gift guide

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I'm pretty darn lucky. I've got a wonderful wife and two smart, kind, hard-working kids. Yep. Pretty lucky. So lucky, in fact, I'm not at all bitter that I can't get my handicap below 10. Don't feel even slightly ripped-off that my tee shot on the 14th… more »

2018 Mother's Day Golf Gift Guide

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My wife and mother of my kids doesn't golf. Well, she does, once a year on the family-friendly par-3 course at my local course, Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, Illinois, on Father's Day, just to make me happy. In other words, she's a saint. But a no… more »

Sheraton Bay Point Resort in Panama City Beach: 36 holes on the Emerald Coast

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The Florida panhandle boasts miles and miles of sugary beaches and some of the bluest water in the gulf. Panama City Beach is located close to the center of the panhandle, and thanks to its relatively close driving proximity to most Southern cities (and… more »

Topgolf brings golf to the masses, and the masses to golf

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The new Golf Channel show ShotMakers piqued my interest in the whiz-bang venue at which the game is played: Topgolf. If you haven't heard of or been to a Topgolf facility, you don't know what you're missing – even if you don't love golf. (If you d… more »

Lamkin introduces three new grips TODAY

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Chances are, you should change your grips. I know that I've been cleaning mine now for a couple of years, trying to squeeze every last big of tackiness out of them before switching, but it's definitely time. Fortunately, Lamkin has just today introdu… more »

Golf in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic occupies half of the island of Hispaniola, the largest island in the Caribbean. As such, the "DR" has a relatively large amount of land for a Caribbean nation, and much of that land remains undeveloped. Nevertheless, the DR boasts… more », because life's too short for bogey stogies

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If you're a golfer who enjoys the occasional cigar on the golf course, the following unpleasant experience might sound familiar: You grab a random cigar at your local smoke shop or grocery store, probably because it's on sale or looks sort of fancy.… more »

Two Guys With Balls: Making golf more affordable

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A few decades ago, I judged my rounds of golf according to the number of balls I lost: If I ended the round finding more balls that I lost, it was a good day. Point is, there are a lot of lost balls out there, just waiting to be bashed around again.… more »

Have yourself a birdie little Christmas

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Well, this year has flown by. Whether the blur that was 2017 was spent largely in euphoria or rage or terror is for you to decide. But we can all agree (perhaps, who knows?) that we're approaching the season when our focus should turn towards family and… more »

New generation of Wilson DUO Soft Golf Balls hit stores today

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When Wilson Golf introduced the DUO Soft golf ball about six years ago, I snagged some of the first samples down at the PGA Show in Orlando. "How could a golf ball with a compression of just 29 be long?" I wondered. Well, I soon found that the DUO Soft… more »

Train like Jordan Spieth with Crossover Symmetry's Golf Fitness Package

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Elite professional golfers hit the ball much, much farther than they did 50 or even 10 years ago. Part of this amped up power game is attributable to modern golf equipment, both clubs and balls. But another significant factor is the physical conditio… more »

PXG: Precision fitting, powerful clubs

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A few weeks ago, I shot a 77, one stroke over my all-time low round. My swing is finally clicking, and I'm hitting some putts. So what do I do now? Start second-guessing my equipment, of course! And what better place to go to switch my sticks… more »

OnCore Elixir: Start-up golf ball company comes of age

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On occasion, a plucky golf start-up beats the odds. On the off chance that such a start-up follows up its initial product offering with a succession of increasingly better products, it should be cheered on, encouraged to keep improving. OnCore Golf i… more »
Liberty Golf Packages
Dates: April 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018
2 Night Stay in a Two-Bedroom Condo 2 Rounds of Golf at Harbor Links
Price range: $205