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Beholden to the big equipment companies

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Why is it that big-name magazines such as Golf Digest and Golf Magazine endlessly review equipment by the big-name companies, while almost completely ignoring smaller companies? Here are a few potential reasons: 1) The magazines want to cover equipment… more »

The Big Bust, er, Big Break

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Maybe I'm just bitter, but The Big Break (I or II) is a Big Bust in my opinion. As I say, I may be bitter: Three years ago, I approached a television production studio with an idea for a golf reality show in which average Joe Golfers would compete in o… more »

Winter blues

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When winter rolls around in the north, where I live, I begin missing golf desperately. Or should I say, I used to. I'm not sure what has happened this year, but I just realized that I am not longing for greener fairways as I usually do this time of year… more »

Not missing the NHL

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So the National Hockey League players went on strike this season. Or maybe the owners locked them out. Frankly, I don't know which. My question is: Does anyone care? How many people outside of Canada really miss the NHL? In all honsty, I'm grateful… more »

Golf & Poetry

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The onset of winter always transports me into the strange netherworld of nostalgia, where the things that have happened merge with the things that didn't, and run headlong into the things that could have, and perhaps should have. Golf is a great lifeli… more »
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