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Comment from: armadillogolf [Visitor]
Here are the 10 Commandments of the Armadillo Golf Players, the premier CO-ED golf league in Austin, TX:


Thall shalt remember, this is the AGP, not the PGA!

Thou shalt not be a sandbagger.

Thou shalt have fun on the golf course or 
thou shall take up bowling.

Thou shalt not perform an excessive pre-shot ritual. 
(Or thou shalt be subject to ridicule.)

Thou shalt get out of the way if thou can't play.

Thou shalt not throw golf clubs unless thou finds it absolutely necessary. (Or thou shalt be subject to ridicule again.)

Thou shalt not talk while others are playing, walk in their putting line or stand directly behind them while they are playing.

Thou shall not hold loyalty to any ball which betrays thou by going out of bounds or in a hazard- therefore thou shall not delay play by looking for lost balls.

Thou shall not give instruction to thou’s fellow players unless thou is asked.

Thou shalt always remember to invite others worthy of the Armadillo Golf Players to participate.
2005-01-28 @ 11:18
Comment from: Harold Thompson [Visitor]
The biggest issue (singular) are those related to green play (plural). Some of my questions are:
1) Why does everyone seem to think that they must take the time Jack Nicklaus did on the green?
2) Is there some reason that you can't do anything about your putt while others are putting? There is nothing more frustrating than standing in the fairway waiting for each player, in turn, to obtain center stage, start to determine the line of his putt, and (after an interminable period of time) stroke the putt.
3) On muni courses, let's get real. Is there any reason you can use to justify spending several minutes (really) to sink a 1 foot putt. Give the damn thing to him already!!!!!
2005-01-28 @ 18:33
Comment from: Dan Steiner [Visitor]
I agree about hard to find yardage markers. Nothing is worse than having to search around for a marker. That is why I like the electronic measuring devices that are out there -- especially the lasers as they are more accurate. Makes things a lot faster and a lot easier.
2005-02-18 @ 11:24
Comment from: British blog [Visitor]
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2010-12-04 @ 16:35

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