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Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
I agree. The British is my favorite major.
06/16/05 @ 12:49
Comment from: jworm [Visitor]
I disagree with the criticism that the USGA takes over their handling of the US Open tournaments. Once a year, we get to watch these super golfers "look" as though they play like the rest of us. This is the one major reason I like watching the US Open. However, I would be annoyed if they did their "protect par" crusade week after week. I do agree with all your reasons for liking the British Open as well, though.
06/16/05 @ 15:15
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
I can't think of the British Open without remembering Jean Van de Velde's EPIC meltdown and my wife wondering why I was yelling at some French guy on TV. ;-) There's always some great drama there, but that episode will live for a long long long time.
06/16/05 @ 17:08
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]
Yes, mark, that was indeed an epic moment in golf history. I love the huge roar from the crowd when he sat down and started to take his socks off...
06/16/05 @ 18:34
Comment from: Golf Grouch [Visitor]
I don't like the British as much as the other majors because the weather is usually so miserable that it actually affects the outcome.
06/17/05 @ 01:07
Comment from: KIel Christianson [Visitor]
And hot, dry conditions creating rock-hard greens isn't considered "weather?" Last time I checked, golf was played outdoors. That means that weather--heat, wind, rain, fog, etc.--are SUPPOSED to be part of the game. Put a dome on the courses if you don't want weather affecting the outcome.
06/18/05 @ 10:23
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Kiel, I enjoyed your comments but, sorry to say, but I've got a history lesson for you. The original Open rota was established after playing the first 12 Opens at Prestwick. It included only Prestwick, Musselburgh & St. Andrews. Prestwick had 12 holes so they played 3 rounds; Musselburgh had only 9 holes so they played 4 rounds; and St. Andrews had 18 holes so they played 2 rounds.

Sidebar: Last year, I had the pleasure of a 2 week stay in Scotland, playing only links courses on the West & East coasts. Personally I found links golf more FUN than our game and changing weather is part of that. When it rains it's usually brief and there's no puddles, ever. Only the varying winds really affect the game. The ground is more of a factor than the weather. Every serious golfer should go at least once. Going back in 2007!
06/21/05 @ 09:14
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]
Thanks, Shanks. But nevertheless, 2/3 of the original Open courses are still in the rota, including Prestwick.
06/21/05 @ 15:18
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
i respect everyone's opinion and all, and this is obviously your opinion, but i have to say the reasons you use to "back up" your opinion are kind of weak...the fact that it's your opinion alone means you don't have to back anything up, but let's look at the reasons:

1) so anything older is always better? i guess that makes my brother better than me...while that is probably true, it has nothing to do w/ age

2) yeah, too bad us open never allows guys we never or seldom heard of to make it thru local qualifying and to compete, like jason gore or olin browne...and let's face it, a lot of people didn't know michael campbell either...good thing the british made him a household name (heavy sarcasm for those who don't pick up on it)

3) true, carnoustie wasn't a course taken to the edge by the r&a that got pushed over the edge by an unforseen radical change in weather...that only happens at the shinnecocks of the world (altho i have to say this is the best argument as it happens to the usga more often)

4) great reason for those who love st andrews, meaningless for those not overtaken by its charm...and let's face it, oakmont, winged foot, olympic, et al are classic designs world renonwned.

5) a favorite winning a tournament on a golf course set up to exact a toll on every possible trait involved in golf is a BAD thing? hmmm, the best golfer winning the tourney is bad...an underdogs have won the us open as they were the best for that week, but let's face it, on such an exacting test the better golfers will win more often...i think that's the point of a national championship...if the ncaa gave the 16 seeds of the world a chance to win more often over teh duke's of the world the tourney would lose some of its value

i have no problem w/ someone's opinion, but i think some more solid reasons for it could be presented...or you could take the low road like i would and say "it's my opinion and if you don't like eat go home and cry to mommy you doody head"
06/22/05 @ 11:48
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
and please excuse all the typos, i'm really busy at work so i'm doing my best to make golf the most important thing in my life (as usual) while not losing my job (i hope)
06/22/05 @ 11:52
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]
Yeah, what RJ said.
06/22/05 @ 18:48
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]
As an Englishman I must enter the debate to give our perspective . Generally over here we love The Masters over the other two played States side but (not because Im English )our Open gets the vote and this is why .
Most importantly the main skill that separates it is you need IMAGINATION and varied shot making to play the links well . America has fantasticlly well presented courses , tight fairways but they all too resemble a target golf approach . Wedges to pins etc . Over here you need the full reportoire of shots , bump and runs , full lob , long running irons etc etc . Basically the demands on your game are more extensive and therefore the courses reward those with more skill . Hundreds of Pros can play target golf , only a select few can play all the shots with real skill . Its like Roddick compared with Federer . Ones full of brute force the other is an ARTIST . The great Open Champions have mainly been ARTISTS . Look at Sevy in his hey day and Trevino to name two of the very best .

06/23/05 @ 05:34
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
now that is at least a good argument that i have a hard time debating...but i guess in the end i am biased since i much prefer links golf over target golf...but a point at least very well made whether one agrees or not
06/24/05 @ 09:18
Comment from: John Reed [Visitor]
Cool stuff. Keep up the good work. ,
09/05/05 @ 11:03

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