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Comment from: PinHead [Visitor]
I say "so what?" The yardage is the same whether the wind is with you or against, it's uphill or down. It's not going to make that much of a difference. If they want to spend the money for the "doo-Hickey", let'em. JUST LEARN HOW TO USE THE DAMN THINGS AND DON'T HOLD UP PLAY!!!!!
09/29/05 @ 15:42
Comment from: miss naughty chipper [Visitor]

They will still be illegal, the ruling body has passed the buck back to the clubs, a club may make a local rule. I hope a specimen local rule is provided.
09/29/05 @ 17:17
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]
Oh, I had to provide a specimen to my club committee once...Win the long-drive competition a few years in a row and they come at you with needles and latex gloves...not pretty...

Oops...wrong sort of specimen. My bad.

I agree, MNC.
09/29/05 @ 17:23
Comment from: lgg [Visitor]
This change is going to slow play and speed play. Fumbling with the device and measuring every shot will slow play. On the flip side, walking all over the fairway to find a yard marker takes a lot of time.

Pinhead is right, learn to use the thing. I want to learn to use the thing.

One technical note, the rule has not changed; however, the interpretation of the rule is relaxed. The USGA and R&A revise the rules of golf every four years; the last revision was January 1, 2004.
09/30/05 @ 09:19
Comment from: Duffer [Visitor]
I have a range finder & if used only when needed ( not every shot ), it is very helpful.
10/02/05 @ 08:11
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Don't see much of an issue here.

Most of us play the same course repeatedly, and a rangefinder is not of much assistance.

Can't say I would use one on a daily basis, even if they came down in price considerably.

The only time they would be of help is on a foreign course during tournament play.

The more burning question is what makes miss naughty chipper's chipping so naughty?
10/06/05 @ 23:45
Comment from: Sierra Striker [Visitor]
I have a laser range finder. It's easy to use and quick. I normally play a round in 3.5 to 4 hrs. I can't stand slow play. At my home course I don't need it. But I do use it at driving ranges to make sure the targets are accurate before a round. You'd be suprised how far that 150 marker is off.

It does speed play when I'm at a strange course and there is no yardage for distance to a hazard or carry over a hazard. Knowing those distances vs. distance to center of the green only speeds the round.

On a related note not all of us can play a $100 round courses where there are GPS carts ect. If the local muni wants a better pace of play they need to have better and consistant yardage markers. Better yet bring back the old yardage books. Thats what you see the pro tour caddies flipping through during a tour event. They lase the yardage during practice so they know the yardage from and to every thing on the course.
10/13/05 @ 01:06
Comment from: RJ [Visitor]
mixed emotions on this one...on the one hand, besides having absolutley no depth perception (not clinically or medically proven, all evidence is anecdotal) i might have negative depth perception, whatever that means...now, that being said, i'm usually pretty quick at finding a kirby marker on my way to the ball and pacing it off...

HOWEVER, there are times i can't find one and i have to waste some extra time locating one...or worse yet, playing a course that only has colored stones in teh middle of the fairway for 200, 150, and 100...that makes it even tougher for me to get yardage...

so the thing would be helpful at times...i like what one user said, don't use it for every shot, only use it for shots you REALLY need it...

i go out on my course alone i can walk 18 in 2 hours, so i don't think i'm a slow player...but they do exist, and used properly, they can help...

too bad we all know that enough morons out there will take forever fumbling it out of the bag, then getting a reading, then putting it away, then forgetting hte reading and having to dig it out again to confirm what they think they remember, etc...

just as w/ any tools, some will use it properly, but it will get into plenty of hands that will misuse it
10/13/05 @ 15:12
Comment from: Mr. Divot [Visitor]
I have a laser range finder and find it very useful--when I need to use it. I shot my best round of the season yesterday and used it about six times. Mine has a spotting scope incorporated with the laser, which is very useful in checking out the slope of an unfamiliar green from 200 yards out. I don't slow play as I am typically waiting for the group ahead to clear the green. I can get a fix on the butt of the dude picking his ball from the cup, which is accurate to less than half a yard, depending of course, on the size of the butt.
10/24/05 @ 01:18
Comment from: rlw [Visitor]
I used the skycaddie recently and provide distances for all players, in the foursome, on an unfamiliar course, when needed. It definitely speeded play and will improve playing time as more players invest in the units. They would not be needed if Markers were provided more liberally, like the ping marking system. On my home course, I don't use it because there is no need. My regular foursome plays in 3-3.5 hours depending on cart path rules that day. WE have used the unit to check distance markers just to prove what we already knew, that some were not as accurate as they could be.
10/31/05 @ 21:54
Comment from: aGolphinGuy [Visitor]
I play a lot of different golf courses and I find one of the handiest gadgets is a good yardage book. I find yardage books are one of the little extras that higher end or better courses provide. (Some charge for them, some don't)
I have nothing against Electronic Measuring Devices, but I think all we really need is for courses to make and provide yardage books for all their customers.
Oh, and while we're on the subject of yardage, you golf course supers who figure that little marker you sink into the fairway is sufficient. Even when you're 10 yards away there sometimes impossible to spot. Put soemthing beside it like a small stake so we don't spend so much time looking for it. The cost in material to do this would be covered by one or two green fees. Better yet, why are they even in the middle of the fairway anyway?!? Get 'em over in the rough where I'm usually trying to figure out what club to hit!!
11/22/05 @ 15:33
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