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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I always suspected as much. We used to have a hockey player in Buffalo named Miroslav Satan (he's in NY now.) I don't think he golfed much, but that was just to throw us off the track. And hockey is Winter golf, anyhow.

I love it when a writer uses big words like "plethora," "begets," "arcane," and "unadulterated" in an entertaining way. Personally, I just throw them in because they are hard to pronounce, combine lots of vowels and consonants (as opposed to Hawaiian, which is all vowels, and Welsh, which is just the opposite), and often impress people who read too quickly.

Kiel (is that part of a boat), have you seen that picture of Papa O'Hair on haunches, behind his son, eyeing the line of the putt? Satan himself. Well done on this expose.
12/24/05 @ 10:37
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

Regarding Sean O'Hair, I would say this...

His father, based on what I have read, tried to do what he thought was best to allow Sean to succeed on Tour. Misguided? Yes. Great Santini-esque? Yes. Opportunistic? Absolutely. But consider this...how successful is Sean now?

It boils down to this...everyone takes a different view to parenting. Some parents parents would like to be "freinds" with their child. Others are disciplinarians, and believe their duty to their child is to give them the tools to succeed and survive. As Sean's father expressed in a recent article, popularity was not a concern for him. Respect was.

I guess this is a decision for each parent to make. But let me ask you this, how much different to you think the intent of Earl Woods was from O'Hair? Maybe the fault lies in the execution, not the intent.

Sean can clear this whole thing up, and put it behind him. I am sure it isn't fun to continue to answer these questions, time after time. He needs to extend the olive branch, and say he wants a relationship. He has nothing to apologize for, but he needs to forgive his father and define the terms by which he wants to have a father-son relationship. Time will tell, but I'd hate to see Sean slip on the green jacket, and miss the opportunity to share in the success with the man who taught him the game. I would see something incomplete in such a victory...
12/29/05 @ 12:21
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor]

I suppose there's always the unanswerable question of whether Sean (or Tiger, for that matter) is as good as he is because of his father's influence, or despite it.

Whatever that answer is, I agree: Life is too short to bear grudges, especially against family.
12/30/05 @ 11:30
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