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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Initially, I was going to dispute your findings, but I have determined that I agree with you. Three metals are for the birds. I carry a 4 and 7 metal, and have a tip on how to hit them well. Pick out a spot (a blade of grass, etc.) 1/2 to 1 inch behind the ball, and swing at that. The natural bounce of the sole will bring the metal head into perfect contact with the ball. Lonnie Nielsen, he of the Champions Tour top 30 taught me that one back in the day. It works with other clubs, too.
01/12/06 @ 12:12
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email

Interesting advice for fairway woods, but I'd hesitate to use it with irons, as I would think clubs with sharper leading edges would dig. Gene Sarazan, I believe (or Sam Snead, perhaps), once suggested aiming every downswing at the FRONT of the ball. His logic was this: It's more likely to hit a thin shot that turns out OK than a fat one. If you aim at the front of the ball, and you happen to hit it fat, it'll be perfect. If you hit it thin, it might still turn out OK. (Or you'll whiff...)

BTW: In the past you've commented on the pronunciation of my name. In German, it is indeed pronounced like (and means) the part of a ship. In English, I go by "Kyle." A whacky spelling, I know. Blame my parents.
01/13/06 @ 12:19
Comment from: JD "Low Note" Parris [Visitor]

This is the first time I have read one of you articles. I really wish you had an "Opinion"! Can't say I agree with you on the fairway wood thing. I have a 15+ handicap index, and yes, though I only use a 3 wood 3-5 times a round it is a very valuable club for me to carry. Maybe if someone is a 20 or higher and has a tough time hitting a fairway wood off the turf, then they might want to look at other options. All I really have to say is, if you can hit the thing then keep it. I love my Cobra SZ 3 wood.
01/16/06 @ 01:44
Comment from: Ron T [Visitor]
"How many fools have you seen trying to get solid wood on a ball in the hay?"

It's amazing to me that you can play golf, let alone type and offer advice, with your head so firmly planted up your a**.
01/23/06 @ 16:14
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
Ron T -- I'm talking about real hay, ankle to shin-deep, not the stuff most American golfers are used to. Anyone trying to hit anything more lofted than a 7-iron out of real rough (e.g., fescue) is a fool.

BTW, do you have stock in Adams Golf, or do you sell fairway woods?
01/24/06 @ 13:44
Comment from: John DeSalvo [Visitor]
I think the fairway wood is the most useful club in the average golfer's bag.

I use a 7 wood constantly constantly for 180 yard shots and a 4 wood at 200 yards. A perfect drive goes 230 yards and my 5 iron 160. Frequent MO on par 4s is driver, 7 wood, chip & putt. Scores range from 77 to 83. Bag setup is 3 woods, 5 irons, 4 wedges and a putter - 13 clubs.

The one category you left out is the average golfer

Average golfers hit 200 yard drives and score 96. Extending your math, subtracting 54 strokes for putts, drives and whatever they use on par 3 tee shots means they take 42 'other' strokes. Since they usually reach 3 greens in regulation we can also subtract 15 pitches/chips, leaving 29 full "iron" shots over 14 holes (par 3s are now excluded).

On par 4s of 380 - 400 yards that leaves Mr. Average Golfer a 180 - 200 yard approach. He would be better off replacing anything below a 7 iron with hybrids or woods that are easy to get airborne... the inevitable mishits will advance the ball better and a well struck ball will land on or somewhat near the green. It also provides a more useful choice for tee shots on longer par 3s.

As a 9 handicap, I need woods to fill the gap between my 12* driver and 27* 5 iron... the average golfer even more so. It's also the easiest way to look at a bag setup... just subtract the gaps between your driver and longest reliable iron and fill it with one or more woods or hybrids you can consistantly hit nice shots with.

02/09/06 @ 12:15

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