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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Amen, Reverend Kiel. The secret is in unwavering repetition, the courage to adapt, and the tenacity to practice until you stop thinking. It is not in the X-Y-Z factor, the reverse-C, or any other stone-cold branding iron. When the lost Hogan papers on "How to be a part-time expert" are found, I might pay attention. Honestly, how can we become great when so much else rates higher on our priority shrub?
01/24/06 @ 16:42
Comment from: Under Par [Visitor]
The idea of the "perfect" swing is nonsense to a great degree. Golf isn't about fitting yourself into a cookie-cutter mold and achieving a textbook swing. It's about doing a few basic things correctly and achieving ball control -- just like in tennis.

If Lee Trevino had never existed, the "experts" would be telling someone with such a swing that he could never succeed. Moreover, Nicklaus was unorthodox in certain ways, too (i.e. -- he picked the club up very quickly and steeply).

It's all nonsense.
01/24/06 @ 20:22
Comment from: jon [Visitor]
I am forced to agree with Under Par. (grunt) There are almost as many different swings as there are players in PGA. But still, there are two competing swing theories, and both of which I believe are equally valid: one plane and two planes. All the different swings individual players have are to a certain extent a deviation from the idealized norms. My biggest beef with supposed swing "secrets" is that they don't put these in the context of a full swing. Unless you have some perspective, you can't make sense of them. You mind as well as Jim Furyk for swing tips.
01/24/06 @ 22:15
Comment from: Martin Levac [Visitor]
Moe Norman, after having hit at least five million balls in his entire life, concluded that there was no secret to be found.

I just made that up except the part about Moe having hit at least five million balls in his entire life.

The only perfect swing I know of is the one that works by any means.

So yeah, it's all (I do mean all of it, not just some parts of it that fit within other parts of it, I mean all of it) nonsense but as long as it sells, it will be sold.

I happen to know the secret of walking, I'll publish a book and sell it for quite a bit of money. It'll include such concepts as the one plane leg throw, the two plane ankle flip and the use of the hands to balance the whole body as you walk down the street. It'll make me millions, I tell you.

You may think it's impossible now but I promise you'll be able to walk perfectly with your eyes closed after you read this book! It will be targetting mostly those of you that haven't yet started walking so it'll include many technical terms to describe the motions but it'll be done so you can understand what I'm teaching. Those who have problems walking will still find valuable tips and tricks so that you can fix your walk in a jiffy. Even walking pros migh find useful information that could help them become better walkers in the future.

Walk to work or walk to school. Walk to the shopping mall or walk up a mountain. It's all possible with this book. You can even read the book as you are practicing your walking by holding it with one hand or the other hand or both! Think about it, the freedom to do whatever you wish as you walk in perfect step. I'll include some music that will teach you rhythm so you can exercise your walk like the rappers do.

How much garbage do I need to suffer until I find that elusive secret to the perfect golf swing?

You want to know the true secret of the golf swing?

Practice and find out.
01/25/06 @ 01:02
Comment from: Jon [Visitor]
Holy Flying Cow. Martin, you just hit the jackpot. I guarantee you your book on walking will be a huge hit. Walking straight and perfectly with eyes closed? Think of the practical applications. Got caught with drunk driving? Have to do a walking straight sobriety test? No Swat. Just buy the Levac book on walking secrets exposed. You will be able to walk straight after drinking a fifth of scotch. Levac you could be the saviors to the drunks of the world.
01/25/06 @ 06:03
Comment from: Martin Levac [Visitor]
Now subsitute walking for golfing and you get the picture.
01/25/06 @ 16:57
Comment from: Tom Bertrand [Visitor]
Hi Kiel,

I worked with John Schlee for about 7 years and I have a book coming out the end of September 2006 called, "The Secret of Hogan's Swing". It's up for prerelease sale on Amazon. Check it out, it already has some good reviews.

Tom Bertrand
05/22/06 @ 13:11
Comment from: C. Mays [Visitor]
Ben Hogan's secret is in a picture in 5 lessons that has been overlooked since the book was published.

Ben said he gave everything, held nothing back and he was a man of his word, but not everything was in words.

Golfone can tell you everything about a golf swing and how it works.

He is a little fat man, you may laugh or think if this man is going to help my game or not.

In a 2 hour lesson depending on your skill level you will learn 3 or more swings, he shows you how all swings are related.

Not only will you learn them, but you are able to play them.

I posted the forum he hangs out on and check out the myths to the swing and how golf instructors try to tie in all swings by the way they play.

Golfone breaks down the three types of swings, upright/vertical, Angled or rounded swing, flat/horizontal swing.

Only the angle and flat swing plays the same.

The guy has dyslexia, some call him a Servant of Golf, I call him Truly Amazing, Amazing he is.

I never have to worry about my backswing angle or plane, it happens from the way he teaches you to grip the club and setup to the ball and each swing type has minor adjustments, most people are just 1/8th inch off from playing their best game.

It is not what you think.

C. Mays
08/03/06 @ 01:25

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