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Comment from: m7 [Visitor]
Your last paragraph states "I haven’t seen whether Wie flips up her ball in this way on the practice green (yawn) or bends over to pick up her ball (hooray!)."

She's only 17 years old you sick f**k!!! ...and how old are you??? Ever hear of the term pedophile???
05/10/06 @ 08:53
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
I was hoping someone would jump on that (no pun intended, really). I'm going to set aside the fact that age of consent in 45 US states is 17 or under, and that in Hawaii where Wie is from, it is 14 (as it is in Canada). I'm setting this aside because I frankly don't care. m7 is right--I'm too old to even consider any sort of a relationship with someone so young (plus I'm happily married).

However, acknowledging the beauty of a person (of any age, of any gender) does not mean that you want to have sex with them. Do people like m7 really believe that teenagers are not used as sex objects to sell products every day? That if Wie were 5'0" and 250 lbs and bald (have I offended enough people yet?), she would have a $20 million Nike endorsement deal? That men do not look at 17-year-old women in a non-platonic way unless they say something about it? Come on.

I consider overt sexualization (is that a word?) of young people to sell products extremely crass (for example, Abercrombie & Fitch's recent ad campaigns). But I also consider it naive and bizarre to believe that 18 somehow marks a magic turning point where all of the sudden beauty can be appreciated. No where else in the world does such a Puritanical view hold sway.

Wait, I take that back. m7, would you be happy of all teenagers wore burkas, just to be safe? Are you writing from Iran?
05/10/06 @ 10:37

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