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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Much better blog than mine.
--The Creep
11/22/06 @ 15:34
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email
Sorry guys, but I thumped you both. Twice. Ages ago.

From Me:

"Now, if you're anything like me, there are only two things in life: One: wacky, possibly cataclysmic outer-space golf promotions, and Two: everything else."


11/22/06 @ 15:46
Comment from: mike [Visitor] Email
Kiel Christianson, You my friend are the biggest idiot loser on the planet. You know what would be great? If you die driving home (pun intended). What would be cooler if someone shot you in the face next time you're grocery shopping (pun intended). Complete loser. :) Does a narrow minded fool such of yourself ever consider this to be educational tool for NASA or the russian space agency. We're hearing everything from 3 days to 3 years in orbit. this is also a great educational experience.
11/22/06 @ 21:59
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
Geez, the race is on. Who was the "first journalist" to discover E21? I was of course. Secondly, is this the greatest golf publicity stunt since Palmer signed with Callaway? Probably. Does this Scandium product work? You bet it does. Last year 15 of the 30 Tour Championship players were testing it including Davis Love III. Are they gonna shake up the industry this next year? My bet is on the come line. The shafts are extruded, not rolled and welded...they can be tuned to match any head weight of flex characteristic. They reduce shock by about 300%, so for us old guys, you finish 18 and are ready to play 9 more. No pain, no shock. Accurate? Very. Longer than graphite and more accurate than steel. And no, I am not a shareholder...but I would be happy to have some.
11/22/06 @ 22:30
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
It doesn't surprise me that Will brags about thumping other bloggers. Word on the street is, he does a lot of thumping.
11/23/06 @ 09:00
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
HE shanked the shot!
11/23/06 @ 11:16
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
I didn't say E21 wasn't a promising, exciting prodcut. I just said the stunt was dopey. Read what I said about it a couple years ago.

And Mike, you seem to have a lot of bottled up anger. Seek therapy. (And learn the definition of "pun.") BTW, it has nothing to do with NASA. All Russian doing; seeking money for their nearly bankrupt program. Nothing educational about it. Nothing.
11/24/06 @ 13:32
Comment from: Kar Kaddy Tow Dolly [Visitor]
Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth.
01/06/11 @ 15:03

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