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Srixon – great golf balls, weird ad campaign

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SRI Sports, parent company of Srixon, is the largest manufacturer of golf clubs in Japan, and holds the most patents for golf ball technology of any company in the world. In Srixon, they have a U.S.-based company with a name that is practically unpron… more »

Ironwood Golf Club in Fishers, Ind.: A course that doesn't let you use driver

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I'm all for mixing it up a bit off the tee. Driver, driver, driver is fun, but can get boring.And I'm all for being forced to work the ball off the tee, with driver and with other clubs.But I just played Ironwood Golf Club in Fishers, Indiana, wh… more »

Tennessee's state park courses might not quite be a "golf trail," but they're great destinations anyway

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As recently noted by my esteemed yet youthful colleague Brandon Tucker, it seems every state is trying to cobble together some sort of ad hoc golf trail. Tucker points out that some of these trails are more like points in a constellation than stops along… more »

When websites don't match golf courses

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It's tough to plan a golf trip for 36 guys. David Butts, the meticulous, patient, good-natured gentleman who plans the trip to Tennessee that I go on each year is an expert at it. He takes care of every one of us and every foreseeable (and often unforese… more »

Anyone notice Sergio's better putting, and new putter?

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So has anyone else noticed how Sergio Garcia, who is known for great putting about as much as Tiger Woods is known for great singing, caught on fire at The Players championship, to finish a rather surprising 2nd? The brash and normally inconsistent Sp… more »

Golf Test USA provides test results you don't see in major magazines

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More than one blogger on these pages has pointed out that the equipment tests published in major golf magazines like Golf Digest and Golf Magazine are crowded year after year with big names that happen also to be big advertisers.Where are the smaller… more »

Tour players wear pink spikes on Mother's Day to support breast cancer research

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If you happen to be watching the final round of The Player's Championship, or the LPGA's Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill this coming Sunday, you might notice pink spikes on the bottoms of the shoes of many players. No, it's not the influence of flshy… more »
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