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Comment from: Wolves Girl [Visitor] Email
For someone on a golf site you have hit it right on the head.

As a Wolves fan I hold almost no hope a for good season anytime soon.

Why must we trade our best player for draft picks that have historically taken YEARS to develop (Foye and Smith didn't start to click until after the All Star break this year).

I will be there for the season but am having an increasing difficult time standing behind a team that wants to trade their best player away.
06/28/07 @ 13:20
Comment from: tradekg [Visitor]
While there is no doubt that the wolves are terrible at drafting this year's draft is so deep that it would be very hard for even kevin mchale to screw up. I mean the prospect of having possibly the numbers 3,7,and 11 picks in the draft sounds pretty nice no matter who is making the picks. Plus, KG deserves the opportunity to win a championship and that will not happen here any time soon!
06/28/07 @ 13:46
Comment from: JC [Visitor] Email
I agree completely. But leave poor Pooh Richardson alone. We all loved that guy.
06/28/07 @ 18:19
Comment from: lubo [Visitor] Email
i disagree, the wolves have had bad draft picks...but that is history, recently our drafts have been getting better. there is no reason for being pessimistic about our draft, if fact, because last year we got a starting PG in Foye and maybe a future starter (but already espn's top 10 rookie list)in Craig Smith....and you know what???? Rashad McCants (before he got injured) was playing REALLY well ...so thats 2 years of solid...BETTER THAN SOLID picks...don't be negative
06/28/07 @ 18:25
Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Member] Email

This time of year always kills me. The Timberwolves have had a superstar for 12 years and could never do anything with him. Based on the draft picks tonight, we've got a #7 that is a great defender, but just an above average shooter. In addition, he's only 185 and will be one of the skinniest players on the floor. We also got a 2nd rounder that ESPN can't find anything on. The Florida Gators are a fine team, but give me a break. When will Minnesota ever give up on McHale and face reality. He's screwed up this team beyond recognition and the only thing of value that we have left is Garnett. I love the guy, but he's been in the league for 12 years and we won't get anything for him when he leaves us for a team that has a shot. At some point, Kevin's gotta do what's best for Kevin. He's been wasting his best basketball years in a team that isn't going anywhere right now.
06/29/07 @ 00:00
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
Yeah--I forgot Foye on my list above. He did come on a bit this past year, but he's hardly the sort of player that Pippen was to Jordan.
Or even Kukoc.

Oh, and I forgot the fantastic Isaiah
Rider and william Avery.
Oy vey.

As Bruce says, "Chris Richard, who?" The guy
averaged 6 pts and less than 4 rebounds last year--his best in 4 at Florida.

Poor KG.
06/29/07 @ 14:14

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