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Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Visitor] Email

Excellent point. I think Ron Mon is great, but he's off the mark on the this one. 60% of all golf equipment is non-branded stuff and companies like SMT, Vulcan, Golfsmith, GolfWorks and others do make quality stuff. They just don't have the huge marketing muscle to get it into the hands of PGA shills.

12/01/07 @ 15:33
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
They also don't have the R&D money that the larger companies do. Much as we want the little engine that could to be our story, it doesn't always work out that way. I've played Alpha Reaction and other smaller company clubs. I suggest that SMT has those stats because they pay the long drive competitors to hit their clubs. The long drivers might be able to command the same money from Nike or Titleist, but I doubt it. However, it's certain that SMT and similar companies can probably not contract with a tour player as readily as they can with long drive competitors. For years, Mizuno couldn't pay squat, but players still used their equipment because it was so good. Now they can pay a bit more, and have a few players on staff. No one uses their drivers on tour, though. It's a complicated situation, and while I'm glad that I'm perspicacious and great, I can't say from personal experience that the smaller companies can hang with the bigger ones. However, I will confess that I have never conducted a thorough analysis of all equipment at once, so there might be a smaller-company driver that can swing like the one I'm currently using.
12/01/07 @ 21:35

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