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"Birdies for the Children" and 11-year-old founder Yuvish Singh give golfers of all ages reason for optimism

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If I had a nickel for every time I heard old people grumbling about "Kids these days," I'd have almost as many nickels as I would if I got one every time I heard some old fart prattle on about how much a nickel used to buy. Seriously, if you listen to… more »

Q: Who won The Masters? A: Nike!

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It was somewhere early in the afternoon of what felt like the longest Masters Sunday in history when I noticed and blogged about the dominance of Nike staff players on the leaderboard. Now, during the Masters post-mortem (which doesn't actually seem a… more »

Masters Real-time blogging -- epilogue ("Tiger takes a turn on the table")

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So Tiger had knee surgery scheduled even before the Masters, eh? This news makes me think of Part 20 in my real-time blogging on the final roun, where I observed that "something's not right" with the Chosen One. His body language was just all wrong du… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 26

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That's quite the divot that Immelman found on the 72nd hole! Once again, something happened that almost made this Masters Sunday exciting. Not really, though. Oh, good. There'll be another baby to kiss on the green again this year. Immelman is th… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 25

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This is the shot--the approach on 17--that will decide how difficult 18 will be for Immelman... And another "Oops." Bogey here, or worse, and Tiger is right back in it....but unless he completely chokes a short putt, he'll save par. Immelman is +3… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 24

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Ooops...Immelman is wet on 16. Could we be witnessing the start of the biggest meltdown since Jean Van de Velde at Carnoustie? Maybe I won't doze off quite yet after all. more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 23

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Is Treveor Immelman bad for golf? His complete domination from start to finish of the 2008 Masters has proven to be one of the most forgetable, utterly dull Masters in recent memory (unless, of course, you are Immelman or one of his family or friends)… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 22

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Too little, too late for Tiger. That tee shot on 16 was typical Tiger; now if he has a typical Tiger 2008 Masters putt, he'll leave it 2 inches outside to the right. ... Yep! That's exactly what he did.Immeltimidation, I tell you!Sorry, I guess I… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 21

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Why is it that everyone melts when Trevor Immelman has the lead at a major? Where are all the challengers? Some guy called Tiger just jacked two easy short putts that would have brought him into contention. And Snedeker just took a dip. Looks like… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 20

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Never mind. Tiger missed that putt on 13. Something's not right. Is Elin about to give birth again or something? I think he needs to switch to a long putter. Seriously, I think 13 was his tourney. He'll come in second, looking to surpass Nicklaus's re… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 19

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Peter Kostis on 13: "This is a delicate shot." I'm going to say that it's also Tiger's tourney. That ball goes in on 13, after driving into the pine straw, and he wins. Period. Now with a certain birdie, and 2nd place, well, there is hope. Although… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 18

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Whoa. Did anyone else just see Steve Flesch's ball plummet into Rae's Creek? I swear it looked like it hit a branch--a non-existent branch--that knocked it down. The wind appeared to have literally swatted that ball down, changing its direction in a spli… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 17

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Well, well, well. So Tiger decided to hit one big shot, a long birdie putt. It's just a birdie, and he's still 5 strokes back, but already the announcers are jumping onto the "Tiger's Stalking" theme. He's going to have to get closer that that to make an… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 16

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Computer graphics can be pretty cool, but the graphic hole renderings don;t do anything for me. Looks like a scene from Golden Tee or some golf simulator. What I do like is the graphic that traces a line along the ball flight of players' drives. That'… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 15

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OK--I'm going to say this right now: Someone needs to step up and deliver a stellar back nine, or I might not even watch this collective stumblefunk to the end. Perhaps the biggest myth in golf is that contenders wilt under the steely gaze of El Tigre.… more »
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