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Edinburgh, Scotland: Great for the guys, less so for the family

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Certain Scots will tell you that St. Andrews may be the birthplace of golf, but the oldest extant links are in Edinburgh, at Musselburgh Old Links. Still, with the immense historical import of Scotland's second-largest city, including the castle, the… more »

Indianapolis 500: Way, way more boring than watching golf

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Once again, I'm in Indianapolis for the Indianapolis 500 weekend. And thank God, it was years ago that I decided to stop attending the race itself. The following observation and/or opinion is bound to incite vehement protests from race fans, but I fin… more »

Golf makes the mainstream news: Tiger & Bush

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It's a rare couple of weeks that sees golf-related stories getting attention in the non-sporting news world. First, Tiger Woods was named by MEN'S FITNESS magazine as America's Fittest Guy. Then, President Bush stated (in an extremely awkward inte… more »

Raise a glass in honor of the 100th anniversary of the death of Old Tom Morris

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Dearest Friends in Golf,We are gathered here today to remember Old Tom Morris, who on this day in 1908, passed from this world through a darkened doorway he thought was the door to the loo. He was 86 at the time, and had outlived his wife, and his so… more »

Tour Edge launches new website to better showcase critically acclaimed clubs

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It's nice when a small equipment company makes good. We were one of the first publications to review the Tour Edge Exotics fairway woods, and this year, the newest incarnation of the Exotics line has rated at the top of the lists of some major traditi… more »

Paul Goydos almost wins one for the rest of us

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Paul Goydos is 42 years old, and a portly 5"9", 190 lbs. He hits sort of a cut shot (i.e, a controlled slice), not terribly far, but extremely reliable. He putts with one of those huge, ugly mallet putters – a TaylorMade Rossa Monza -- that looks l… more »

Callaway golf shirts exemplify smart fabrics, and befuddle dumb golfers (like me)

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We here in the Midwest apparently don't deserve more than two warm, dry days in a row. Farmers cannot get their crops in the soil, and golfers cannot get their tees in the turf. It's a toss-up, at this point, as to who is more frustrated. So two days… more »
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