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Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Do light and solid mean softening of the vibrations? Dr. Singh notwithstanding, it was irresponsible of the company to jump on the gravy train. I empathize with them, as e21 has not received the notoriety they anticipated after their space shot publicity stunt. They should pattern themselves after Mizuno, a company that kept quiet and produced a great product. A generation later, look at Mizuno now.
10/12/08 @ 18:36
Comment from: Joe Golfer [Visitor] Email
What an asanine article by Kiel Christianson! Implying that the E21 shafts may have caused or contributed to his elbow problem is absurd. Singh is 45 years old and won the FedEx Cup playing the scandium shafts. Period. Who's to say that he would have even been able to compete during the 2008 season if he hadn't been playing the E21 shafts. Illogical, idiotic, irresonsible writing to knock the E21 product and infer that the shafts may have caused his injury. Kiel Christianson should do stand up comedy because his writing is a joke.
10/13/08 @ 11:08
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
That's not what I said at all--if it came out that way, I apologize. I said that they didn't save his arm. But I should have included the following quote from the e21 press release:

"Scandium Sc Metal Shafts are manufactured using a proprietary 25-step production process to create a seamless, extruded shaft. Variable wall thickness and the alloy's high tensile strength results in a vibration dampening system called ShockBlok with 270% better shock attenuation than steel shafts that protects golfers' bodies, bones and joints."

The company's claim is that they protect golfer's bodies. And I simply asked, did they protect Singh long enough for him to win the FedEx Cup, or did they not? And I suggest it would ultimately hard to decide.

10/13/08 @ 11:40
Comment from: Doctor Lars [Visitor] Email
Kiel Christianson! Can we safely say that Tiger Woods injury is due to him playing with Nike equipment? I'm sure if he was playing with anything else he would never have had an injury and won every tournament by 20+ strokes. Lets just take e21 and Nike off the market as they appear to cause severe injuries.
10/13/08 @ 19:37
Comment from: Chip N Aputt [Visitor]
There is no need to even discuss such a "connection" since there obviously is none. Mr Christianson says, "The company's claim is that they protect golfer's bodies. And I simply asked, did they protect Singh long enough for him to win the FedEx Cup, or did they not? And I suggest it would ultimately hard to decide."
I would simply ask, what is the point in asking the question? I would also suggest there is no decision to be made on the matter. Unless Mr Christianson would like to take the time and trouble to ask VJ. Or perhaps he should just wait and see if he continues to use the shafts upon his return to the Tour?
10/13/08 @ 20:54
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Doctor Lars, you are no doctor, or you would not ask such a question. The point is simply this: A company makes a product, and SAYS in its press release that it protects golfers' bodies. So when a golfer who uses that equipment has an injury, the question becomes: Does the product work as suggested? Nike does not claim it protects people from knee injuries.

Chip N APutt is right, though: The only way to find out is to ask Vijay, as I also suggested, or to wait and see if he still uses them. I actually like e21's shafts very much--my limited experience with them has been good. But again, a company cannot say, "We helped the guy win the FedEx Cup" when the guy wins, but ignore an injury when they simultaneously say, "Our shafts protect golfers' bodies."
10/13/08 @ 22:12
Comment from: Doctor Lars [Visitor] Email
Of course I'm no Doctor, but you shouldn't try to play one, that was all. The reality is that you have a headline reading "FedEx Cup winner Vijay Singh played space-aged shafts (but they didn't save his arm)". Now that seems to put the blame on his equipment. How do you know that he wouldn't been injured long ago if he didn't use e21? There are many types of products that protects people for various reasons. Does that mean no one ever gets injured because of it? I guess no one has ever been injured by a seat-belt. I think you should get all the facts before start blaming his equipment for not "protecting" him.
10/14/08 @ 15:28
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