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Winter blahs melting faster as more new equipment arrives: Nike SQ Dymo driver

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OK, I am starting to feel better about all of this cold weather. Despite the fact that our own Tom Spousta is pallin' around with equipment mongers in Orlando, things are looking up. First of all, my kids and I had a wonderful day sledding today.… more »

Winter blahs melting as new equipment arrives: SMT DB Plus

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It's too cold to golf, and the winter blahs have already entrenched themselves firmly in my psyche, even though the paradoxically shortest and longest month of the year has not yet begun. Sigh… Thankfully, equipment companies are rolling out thei… more »

Too cold to golf. Might as well read.

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Yesterday, I received a comment on one of my blogs from a couple years ago. That blog dealt with golf and poetry, and the comment was from Leon S. White, alerting me to his own wonderful blog called, GOLF COURSE OF RHYMES. White's blog is devoted to e… more »

Former USGA equipment guru Frank Thomas answers 100 equipment questions in new book

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Golf equipment is complicated stuff: high-tech materials, space-aged engineering, and a veritable alphabet soup of MOI, CoG, Ti, etc., etc. Faced with the risk of wasting hundreds – even thousands – of dollars, golfers contemplating the purchase… more »

How much do your golf shoes weigh? Probably more than the new Nike Air Zoom Vapor.

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When an unexpected, mysterious box shows up on my front porch, I get excited. Not paranoid, call-the-bomb-squad-and-check-for-white-powder excited. (The fear-mongers are thankfully losing their grip on the nation.) No, I get excited to see what… more »

Golf business showing many signs of greening up

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Golf seems to be suddenly awash in green. No, not the turf, and most definitely not revenues. What I'm referring to is a rather rapid and unexpected recognition on the part of just about every major sector within the sport of the benefits of envi… more »

Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf is slimming down

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Seems like everyone is on a diet kick these days. (Everyone except John Daly.) Even the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf. If you aren't familiar with Heavy Putter, the moniker is accurate: It is truly heavy. The philosophy is that by increasing the weigh… more »

Ogio's new Devolver cart bag raises the bar for whiz-bangery

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Sadly, I did not coin the term "whiz-bangery" in my last blog (a Google search returns 1,130 sites containing the term). But I do like the sound of the term very much, and therefore earnestly continue to strive to bring you some unexpected sources of… more »

Evolve Golf's "Sweet Spot System" combines tee, driver, and Internet

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As Equipment Editor here at, I see a lot of whiz-bang technology. But one of the more innovative - and unexpected - uses of technology I've seen has just been announced by Evolve Golf, maker of the Epoch Tee. Evolve has put together a pr… more »
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