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Want to nab early tickets for the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach?

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If you are planning on attending the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links, you have to apply for tickets at the USGA site and then close your eyes and pray for the best (sort of like when you tee off on a water hole). But those in the know – or… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 13)

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This is what happens when your family wants dinner! I decide to concede The Masters to Kenny Perry so I could go cook spaghetti, and all hell breaks loose. Sigh... If there's any consolation for being wrong most of the time, as I am when it comes t… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 12)

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Congrats to Kenny Perry! After that wonderful shot on 16, he deserves the green jacket. Even though one of the big names didn't win, for the first time in several years, I'm actually looking forward to next year's Masters. more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 11)

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So wrong once again. It was not Arnie-n-Jack-like. One of those two guys would have won it. Poor decisions and poor execution on the last couple of holes cost both Tiger and Phil. On the bright side for Phil, he did beat Tiger. Still some golf yet to… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 10)

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Advantage Mickelson after the drive on 17. Cabrera is chomping on his gum a guy who quit smoking last year, which he did. Good for him (but I bet he wishes he still smoked). On 17, Phil's got a very makeable birdie putt. Oh, and… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 9)

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The, what a great shot by Tiger. Phil's got a tough act to follow there... Not bad, but advantage Tiger here. We could see the #1 & #2 players in the world tied going into the 17th. Ooh..Phil didn't hit that putt at all. Ugh. Oh n… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 8)

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Phil just blasted a drive on 15 well past Tiger's tee shot, and Jim Nantz sounded surprised. The distance in Lefty's game isn't some new innovation, however. Back seven years ago, at the Par 3 Shootout, Lee Trevino was watching Mickelson warm-up the seco… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 7)

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Step away for a couple minutes to fetch a beer and some chips, and Phil washes one on 12. Geez. Kenny Perry's putter is looking shaky. And Furyk just fluffed a chip...and a bunker shot. (Though I'm sure some contrary reader will comment that it was al… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 6)

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Someone asked me yesterday, what my inspiration is for writing. (OK, it was really just my cat.) The answer was my new friend Mike Purkey, whose "TV Rewind" column in Golf World is one of the most widely read features of that fine magazine. We who wat… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 5)

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Once again, golf is fun to watch because even the best hit shots like I do now and then. Case in point, Phil's hooked driver into the woods and punch out through the trees that ALMOST made it onto the green. "Right idea, Phil." How many times hav… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 4)

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Furyk missed that long par putt from the get-go. Phil's got a knee-knocker for a birdie on No. 8. If Tiger makes this eagle, things will really get interesting... Whoa! That thing dove in the cup like a homesick gopher. OK, Phil. You gonna… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 3)

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"Anything you can do, I can do better. Anything I can do better than you. No you can't! (Yes I can!) No you can't! (Yes I can!)" Is this song going through anyone else's head, watching Phil and Tiger today? The last couple of times these guys went… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 2)

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"The roars are back at Augusta on Sunday." That's like music to my ears. The last few years, it has been snores at Augusta on Sunday. Another reason to cheer is Phil Mickelson's promotion of math and science education. When wearing a completely dif… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 1)

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Hello all, and welcome to round 4. Just in time for Phil Mickelson's amazing recovery shot on No. 7. Holy Smokin' Moses! That almost went in. Phil might have a chance after all. Tiger is going to have to claw his way in, but I just don't think the… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 10)

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Oops...sorry. I dozed off for a bit. I think the dulcet tones of Jim Nantz's voice have grown even more sotto voce. Sort of tuning himself to the riveting pairing of Perry and Campbell. YAWN. Any-who. It was just confirmed that Tiger and Phil will… more »
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