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Comment from: Rob Turner [Visitor] Email
I don’t how many brands have risen so successfully purely on the basis of the work done by one golfer. Whoever it was who had the brainwave to sign up a young talented golfer who went by the name Tiger Woods probably cannot believe his luck.

Not that Nike has made use of every Tiger Woods moment and although everything that they have achieved can be credited to Tiger, they have made some major mistakes. You cannot easily forget what Nike came out with after that amazing Tiger Woods chip-in at the 16th. It was as tasteless and meaningless as it could have been and wasted a great opportunity. Each time I look at that little ad (http://jaffejuice.typepad.com/Assets/NIKEAP-0642.wmv ) it makes me wonder who could have come up with such a stupid thing.

By the way, about the Tiger Woods interaction with fans - I logged in to their website and found nothing of any great use. At least their main website has no direct mention about what happened. If they can make it a regular feature it would be great - purely internet based. Effectively they just need to relay a discussion that Tiger has with ten ordinary golfers and that automatically will garner so many more eyeballs.
05/14/09 @ 11:57
Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.
12/03/10 @ 06:43
Comment from: Adrianne Parlato [Visitor]
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Comment from: Hillary Weslowski [Visitor]
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01/09/11 @ 19:39
Comment from: Lynna Heafey [Visitor]
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