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The Batman of golf needs an iPhone

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It has become clear that if I am truly going to elevate my golf gadgetry to a Batman-like level, I need an iPhone. Sadly, this goal seems as unrealistic as my ever attaining a scratch handicap. I hate phones in general, even ones with handy "apps."… more »

Use Pop-Up-Protector to guard against unsightly "idiot marks"

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Although whiffing might damage your ego, the dreaded pop-up or sky ball is infinitely more injurious to your club. How many of us have swung too steeply on the tee, only to send athe ball 40 feet high straight off the crown of a brand new $400 driver?… more »

Get a (new) grip on your game with Softspikes ClubGrip

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My game is inexplicably deader than any number of entertainment icons, but the dream of becoming golf's Batman is alive and well. A recent practice session in 90+ degree heat and 80% humidity taught me one thing: My suddenly terrible swing gets even… more »

Golf's Batman finds that Bug Bam! bracelets battle bugs

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The Batman of golf cannot be mauled by mosquitoes while in the process of duck-hooking yet another drive. To protect against pernicious pestilence, I've stocked my utility bag with Bug Bam! bracelets. Although extremely pungent, the bracelets are… more »

Tiger slumping at U.S. Open

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Thursday, June 18, 2009, 8:06 (EDT): Tiger Woods snap-hooked his drive on the first tee at the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black. Golf pundits, pedants, and poobahs have begun asking the tough questions: Is Tiger in a slump? Is Tiger’s knee healthy?… more »

Vireo-S3 tees perfect for the Batman of golf

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I have no super powers, and the golf gods know my powers over my golf swing are inconsistent at best. But I do have access to the best golf gadgets on the market. So, until my game comes back, I'm focusing on turning my self into the Batman of golf. T… more »

Equipping myself to be the Batman of golf: Amphibian Towel

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This summer, my golf game has gone straight to the dogs, and the dogs proceeded to tear it apart and pee on the bits they didn't devour. But am I going to let it get me down? Well, yes, actually. I'm quite miserable. However, as I struggle to re… more »

A couple of sweet freebies for last-minute Father's Day gifts

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For those of you scrambling for Father's Day gift ideas, word of a couple of sweet freebies just crossed my desk. First, Golf Gym has announced that this June any person who purchases a GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer, a training and conditioning tool desi… more »

Fast Father's Day shopping in Antigua Golf's Green Golf Summer 2009 E-Catalog

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My wife thinks it's hysterical that I write's gift guides for all major holidays, because I have in the past forgotten both Christmas my own birthday. I'm actually well-qualified to dole out gift ideas precisely because of this perceive… more »

Nike SQ Dymo Str8-FIT driver: Turning the average golfer into Batman

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As a kid, I loved Batman. He was the superhero I could someday be, or so I thought. He didn’t have super powers, which obviously were beyond my reach. All he had were superior intellect, unparalleled physical training, and billions of dollars – all p… more »
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