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Comment from: craig [Visitor]
I couldn't agree with you more. I have been playing since 1968, and the great majority playing today are watching too much pro golf before heading out. I also don't care for the "while we're young" campaign. It's rude, and that is how it was meant in Caddyshack. Just pick up the pace, or pick up the ball.
06/20/13 @ 09:03
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Member] Email
Another way to speed up play: Golf course operators -- allow players walking with push carts to roll them on the greens. In Australia, this practice is actively encouraged, as it rolls the greens for free. It certainly can't hurt the greens, as my cart weighs a lot less than I do. Doing this would save time by eliminating walking back to the far side of the green or circling way around the putting surface after holing out.
06/21/13 @ 06:04
Comment from: Fred Greene [Visitor]
From first glance, I thought the "While We're Still Young" campaign was condescending. But isn't that the basic elitist position of the USGA from day one? I have another suggestion for courses re: Marshalls. If you've noticed that a group is playing slowly, most likely they spend a LOT of time looking for balls that are either OB or buried in deep rough. Instead of telling them to speed up, position yourself in the fairway as they tee off. If they hit an errant shot, find it immediately and mark it for them! Wouldn't that be a helpful and welcomed service?!??!
06/28/13 @ 10:30
Comment from: Fred Greene [Visitor] Email
Kiel, please contact me, I'd like to interview you on this topic for the GOLF SMARTER Podcast! http://GolfSmarter.com
06/28/13 @ 10:35
Comment from: R. Bruce Walker [Visitor]

I had a similar reaction myself ... not sure that the tone and manner is entirely appropriate. Certainly the acting and delivery by the selection of golf celebrities is 'wooden'. I like to imagine that the agency that pitched the concept at least tried to negotiate with the estate of Rodney Dangerfield or the makers of Caddyshack to use his actual image to kickoff the campaign.

As a former ad guy/creative director what I do appreciate is that by having a handle like 'While we're young," guys making the complaint have a way to make light of the situation and avoid the potential conflict that calling out slow play and slow players usually causes.

Per slow players themselves, they are the scourge of the game. I have quit country clubs because of them; stood on my head on a towel in the middle of the fairway to get their attention; and seriously considered giving up the game entirely after a few particularly annoying outings.

It is the disrespect and the utter self-absorption that is most offensive. With each practice swing, plumb bob and laborious contemplation they torture everyone unfortunate enough to be in their company or who are forced to play behind them.

I dare say has it never occurred to them that golf is a game of rhythm and momentum that rewards continuity of play? I can virtually guarantee better scores when the game is played quickly and continuously and professionals should teach this,
07/29/13 @ 10:32
Comment from: Chuck Stump [Visitor]
The comment on match play would really speed things up. I'd like to see beginners be "tested" for basic skills on par-3 layouts. And always HWR-hit when ready.
08/06/13 @ 10:50

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