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OnCore Elixir: Start-up golf ball company comes of age

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On occasion, a plucky golf start-up beats the odds. On the off chance that such a start-up follows up its initial product offering with a succession of increasingly better products, it should be cheered on, encouraged to keep improving. OnCore Golf i… more »

CaddyDaddy's Ranger golf bag is perfect for Sunday strolls on the links

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The 2017 golf season is winding down, and the early autumn breezes are heavy with melancholy at Lake of the Woods. This year, it's not just that the days are shortening and the leaves are changing. It's also that one of our weekend regulars, Del Fuego,… more »

Vertical Groove Driver is a straight-up powerhouse

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Infomercials are curious beasts. You never know whether you're watching a pitch for Secretariat or for a unicorn. Golf is an industry that is infested with infomercials. And for every Adams Tight Lies Fairway Wood – a club that revolutionized golf equ… more »

Try swingOIL to cope with summer heat

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In my course's Men's Association weekly play last night, I fell apart. Actually, "melted" would be a better description. It was about 95 degrees with 95% humidity, and I was simultaneously so sweaty, slippery, and sticky, I wasn't sure whether I would d… more »

Father's Day golf gift guide, 2017 edition

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This Father's Day, I will have the great good fortune to be spending the day – and the seven days surrounding it – at the Beaux Eden Plantation in Fort Valley, Georgia, with my wife's family. And I'll have the even better fortune of spending most of… more »

It ain't always easy, so it'd better be fun: Following your heart at the Zurich Classic

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The Zurich Classic's new team format was a roaring success, despite the weather delays that forced a Monday playoff. Golf isn't an easy sport to play well, as anyone who has ever swung a club knows. It's also a relatively solitary sport, which is great… more »

Who knew 2008 was the end? (Tiger's last major)

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The 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines was an instant classic. Tiger Woods charged back on Saturday to take the lead, and then on Sunday battled all day to force an 18-hole Monday playoff with Rocco Mediate, which Tiger won in dramatic fashion – in sudden… more »

The News from Lake of the Woods, April 1, 2017

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Well, it was a quiet week at Lake of the Woods Golf Course. The local meteorologists played an April Fool's joke on us, predicting slowly warming temperatures, which never really rose beyond the "not terrible" level. I only played golf on Sunday, tak… more »

Golf resolutions for 2017, Part 2: Working out

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Sigh... Yes, I know it's March, and it's sort of late to make resolutions. But hey, resolutions are not my thing to begin with. Especially not ones that I feel I shouldn't have to make. Like working out and getting in shape. I've always sort of… more »

The News from Lake of the Woods, March 6, 2017

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Well, it was a quiet week at Lake of the Woods Golf Course. Because the previous weekend's temperatures rose into the 70s, this weekend's 50s and low 60s, paired with constant 15-25mph winds, scared some people away from the course. Apparently they… more »

The News from Lake of the Woods, February 13-20, 2017

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Well, it was anything but a quiet week at Lake of the Woods Golf Course. Mother Nature experienced a series of unsettling hot flashes that left all of use wondering whether she was going to slap us silly or give us a great big hug. Happily, she chos… more »

Golf resolutions for 2017, Part 1: Culver Academies Golf Course

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I've never been big on resolutions. But recently, I've started feeling my age for the first time. And if I don't set some goals now, the next thing I know, either my golfing days (or the entire civilized world) will be over. Feels like about a 50-50 pro… more »

The BEST last-minute golf gift: A full-bag fitting with Club Champion

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Well, rats. It's two days before Christmas, and somehow it snuck up on me again. As my wife made her 40th trip up the stairs from her gift-wrapping in the basement and placed another armful of impeccable packages under the tree, she casually asked m… more »

Mouton Cadet is a worthy official wine for a brilliant Ryder Cup

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I don't know about you, but I'm still buzzing with the memories from the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National. Not only did my "home team" win back the Cup (finally!), I thought my home state of Minnesota acquitted itself very well. For the past year, I… more »

The inherent equity of golf

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I love golf. OK? I said it, and I'm proud. There are, after all, lots of things to love about golf – hitting a great shot, spending time with friends, enjoying nature, the Sisyphean task of trying to improve my swing. Perhaps the thing I love most ab… more »

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