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Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 4)

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Furyk missed that long par putt from the get-go. Phil's got a knee-knocker for a birdie on No. 8. If Tiger makes this eagle, things will really get interesting... Whoa! That thing dove in the cup like a homesick gopher. OK, Phil. You gonna… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 3)

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"Anything you can do, I can do better. Anything I can do better than you. No you can't! (Yes I can!) No you can't! (Yes I can!)" Is this song going through anyone else's head, watching Phil and Tiger today? The last couple of times these guys went… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 2)

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"The roars are back at Augusta on Sunday." That's like music to my ears. The last few years, it has been snores at Augusta on Sunday. Another reason to cheer is Phil Mickelson's promotion of math and science education. When wearing a completely dif… more »

Masters 4th Round Real-time Blogging (pt. 1)

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Hello all, and welcome to round 4. Just in time for Phil Mickelson's amazing recovery shot on No. 7. Holy Smokin' Moses! That almost went in. Phil might have a chance after all. Tiger is going to have to claw his way in, but I just don't think the… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 10)

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Oops...sorry. I dozed off for a bit. I think the dulcet tones of Jim Nantz's voice have grown even more sotto voce. Sort of tuning himself to the riveting pairing of Perry and Campbell. YAWN. Any-who. It was just confirmed that Tiger and Phil will… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 9)

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Oh my! Chad Campbell just left one in the bunker! You see, this is why I love golf. Now and then, I can hit shots that are just as good as the pros'. And now and then, they his shots that are just as bad as mine. No other sport that I can think of is lik… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 8)

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Anthony Kim had 11 birdies in yesterday's round. Hey, Augusta National powers-that-be: Time to AK-proof the course! I admire David Feherty, and tremendously enjoy his humor during normal tournament coverage. So it is sad to me that he is so deadly dul… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 7)

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I heard Jim Furyk is selling his Maui estate for $7.7 million. Given the economy, I was sort of wondering if maybe some of his investments had gone south, and if that might be the reason for the sale. If he wins The Masters and takes the house back off t… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 6)

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News flash! Chad Campbell is "taking his time with his club selection." Here's a little joke for you: Q: What does Chad Campbell say when he rides on the back of a tortoise? A: Wheee!! Get it? more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 5)

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I should know the answer to this next question, but I don't. So I'm appealing to your collective knowledge out there:Is there a traditional drink at The Masters? The Kentucky Derby has the Mint Julep. The Open Championship (a.k.a. the British Ope… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 4)

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Steve Stricker is a darn nice guy. I ran into him after last year's British Open, at a gas station in Beloit, Wisconsin. Stricker was on is way home after flying into Chicago. We were both heading the same way, and were trying to figure out how to ci… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 3)

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So what's wrong with Tiger? Knee? Fatigue? Pressure? Putter? Or the uncharacteristically ugly shirts he's been wearing so far? Well, he just parred 18, so he's in at -4. Seems like a stretch. I predict he won't figure into the mix at all tomorrow. He'… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 2)

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Some early random thoughts on The 2009 Masters: Phil Mickelson has put on some serious muscle. Some folks in the golf world have made snide comments abotu Phil's physique for years. He'll never be as ripped as Tiger, but this year, you can see some se… more »

Masters Coverage: Live 3rd Round Blogging (pt. 1)

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A tradition unlike any other: Me getting paid to watch T.V. That's right, it's time for The Masters again, the major that does to apostrophes what Augusta National does to women members. Seriously, no matter what your commitment to golf, if you app… more »

A do-it-yourself equipment idea for tough economic times

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I have a drawer-full of lapel pins. Office of Homeland Security. Special Olympics. Some town in China known for panda bears. It is not completely clear how I got all these pins, but I do remember that my father has always been under the impression th… more »
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