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Future Stars Foundation seeks to raise funds for struggling Duramed FUTURES Tour players

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Pro golfers might not be the first "needy" people you think of when you think of charitable organizations. The fact is, though, that many of the young golfers on the Duramed FUTURES Tour, the developmental tour for the LPGA cannot make ends meet as they… more »

GM cuts more employees, including Tiger Woods

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These excruciating economic times have claimed another victim: Tiger Woods. GM just announced that it would be ending its nine-year endorsement deal with the world's number one golfer. Although both sides called the decision "mutual," driven by GM'… more »

The "one last round" gambit

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It was 50 glorious degrees today in central Illinois, and I decided to head out to my home course to sneak in nine holes -- likely my last chance this season. There is an inherent gamble in playing "one last round," though. If you play well, you are… more »

Fed to bail out persimmon driver manufacturers

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (MFI newsfeed) -- Fed Secretary Henry Paulson today announced a plan to provide $25 billion immediately to bail out America's moribund persimmon driver industry. The move is an attempt to help make the former stalwart of American golf eq… more »

BogeyPro Golf: The court jesters of golf gear

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I've been Equipment Editor around here for a while now, and some of my colleagues have at times insinuated that I might take golf equipment a bit too seriously. This is a grossly unfair assault on my character. So what if I can talk for hours on the b… more »

The Castle Course at St. Andrews racks up awards

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The Castle Course, newest addition to the hallowed links at St. Andrews, has racked up a few prestigious awards. The golf course has been recognised by Travel & Leisure Golf magazine as the "New Course of the Year." It was also named "Internation… more »

"Pete Dye Golf Courses" by Joel Zuckerman documents 50 years of genius

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Several years ago, while I was interviewing golf course architect Dr. Michael Hurdzan in the veritable golf museum that are his offices in Ohio, one of the golf mementoes that caught my eye was a napkin signed by Pete Dye. Along with the signature was a… more »

Q: How far can a woman hit a golf ball? (A: Farther than you.)

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New Zealander Phillis Meti just shattered the Women's U.S. Long Drive Competition record with a wallop of 349 yards. The shot was 22 yards longer than the drive she won the competition with in 2006, although she ended up coming in second in the all-impor… more »

Former golf mystery writer Roberta Isleib expands her non-golf mysteries

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Mystery writer Roberta Isleib, creator of the Cassandra Burdette golf mystery series (Six Strokes Under, A Buried Lie, Putt to Death, Fairway to Heaven, Final Fore), concluded her popular golf-related series a couple of years ago. And her cadre of lo… more »

FedEx Cup winner Vijay Singh played space-aged shafts (but they didn't save his arm)

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Way back on Sept. 28, 2004, I wrote the following about Element 21 (e21) Scandium shafts, after returning form the Fall PGA Expo in Las Vegas: "… one of the most intriguing 'revolutionary' products was the Eagle One Pro Lite shaft by E21Golf (E21gol… more »

Kenny Perry wins PGA's "Whiner of the Year Award"

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Vijay Singh won the FedEx Cup, and Paddy Harrington might take home Player of the Year. But Kenny Perry wins Whiner of the Year Award hands-down. In the October 3rd issue of GolfWorld, Jim Moriarty reports how Kenny Perry described the Tour Championsh… more »

SMT drivers take Southern Hemisphere Long-Drive tourneys by storm

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The long drive circuit has become a legitimate and dynamic sub-culture in the world of professional golf. And its popularity has spread remarkably fast around the world over the past decade. The long-drive competition has, aside from giving golf fans… more »

Book notice: "501 Golf Jokes for (Almost) All Occasions"

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Q: What's the difference between the U.S. Ryder Cup captain's picks and a European Ryder Cup captain's picks? A: 4 points! I'm tapped. That's the best I could do. If you want a treasure trove of real golf jokes, "501 Golf Jokes for (Almost) All… more »

Does Nick Faldo Selection 2005 Shiraz taste like U.S. defeat?

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My fellow countrymen (and women), do you have any Ryder Cup traditions at your house or club? I mean besides weeping bitter, bitter tears? One tradition that Coach Faldo would like to see us adopt on this side of the pond is sipping some of his Ni… more »

Leaves changing colors and golfers changing clubs this autumn

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There was a time not so long ago when springtime was the season when golf equipment companies would usher in their new designs, and golfers bounded into pro shops like children in search of Easter eggs, giddy with anticipation. In those days of yore,… more »
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