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FedEx Cup winner Vijay Singh played space-aged shafts (but they didn't save his arm)

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Way back on Sept. 28, 2004, I wrote the following about Element 21 (e21) Scandium shafts, after returning form the Fall PGA Expo in Las Vegas: "… one of the most intriguing 'revolutionary' products was the Eagle One Pro Lite shaft by E21Golf (E21gol… more »

Kenny Perry wins PGA's "Whiner of the Year Award"

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Vijay Singh won the FedEx Cup, and Paddy Harrington might take home Player of the Year. But Kenny Perry wins Whiner of the Year Award hands-down. In the October 3rd issue of GolfWorld, Jim Moriarty reports how Kenny Perry described the Tour Championsh… more »

SMT drivers take Southern Hemisphere Long-Drive tourneys by storm

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The long drive circuit has become a legitimate and dynamic sub-culture in the world of professional golf. And its popularity has spread remarkably fast around the world over the past decade. The long-drive competition has, aside from giving golf fans… more »

Book notice: "501 Golf Jokes for (Almost) All Occasions"

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Q: What's the difference between the U.S. Ryder Cup captain's picks and a European Ryder Cup captain's picks? A: 4 points! I'm tapped. That's the best I could do. If you want a treasure trove of real golf jokes, "501 Golf Jokes for (Almost) All… more »

Does Nick Faldo Selection 2005 Shiraz taste like U.S. defeat?

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My fellow countrymen (and women), do you have any Ryder Cup traditions at your house or club? I mean besides weeping bitter, bitter tears? One tradition that Coach Faldo would like to see us adopt on this side of the pond is sipping some of his Ni… more »

Leaves changing colors and golfers changing clubs this autumn

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There was a time not so long ago when springtime was the season when golf equipment companies would usher in their new designs, and golfers bounded into pro shops like children in search of Easter eggs, giddy with anticipation. In those days of yore,… more »

Eidolon wedges boast the boldest guarantee in golf equipment history

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My wedges are like my children. If I happen to leave one on a green, I panic – cold sweat, heart palpitations, the whole deal. I would wager that for most players, wedges are the clubs that are changed or updated least often. I know guys that switch… more »

Introducing The Zinger, libation of choice for fans of the American Ryder Cup Team

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I have to admit, I feel lousy today. After blogging yesterday about Nick Faldo's wine, I felt like I needed to provide some balance to the alcoholic pre-Ryder Cup coverage. But Paul Azinger doesn't have any wineries. Or if he does, he's not sharing th… more »

Faldo might pick grapes better than he picks Ryder Cup team members

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European Ryder Cup captain Nick Faldo has taken a lot of heat for his Ryder Cup Captain’s picks of Paul "Player Hater" Casey and Ian "I fold at majors like the pleats I would never wear" Poulter. I personally think the media ought to lay off the poo… more »

Useful phrases for LPGA players studying English

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According to LPGA Commissioner Bivens, the recently-announced mandate that all players learn English within two years of joining the tour is intended to ensure that players can better interact with sponsors and media. As a former English as a foreign/… more »

Post-tournament press releases: "And the winner is...Someone who used our tee!"

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It's always fun to watch for the inevitable onslaught of press releases that follow each and every tournament of the PGA Tour schedule. In fact, they follow most events on the PGA, European, LPGA, and Nationwide Tours, too. And though I may be atypical i… more »

The Castle Course at St. Andrews is already a popular golf destination

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Despite being open to play for just over a month, The Castle Course at St. Andrews is already proving to be a big draw in its own right. St. Andrews Links Trust, overseers of the Links Courses at St. Andrews, including The Old Course, reports that in… more »

Trying to pat ourselves on the back (without dislocating our shoulder)

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We here in the universe pride ourselves at being ahead of the curve. We visit the newest courses, and test the latest golf equipment from manufacturers that don't get ink from mainstream paper publications. Our shorter editorial lag and mor… more »

Enough with the beach volleyball already! (A mandatory Olympics blog)

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Until today, I had endeavored mightily to avoid writing anything about an already over-hyped 2008 Summer Olympics", but my dwindling patience have been finally ripped asunder. And I must beg, of all that is holy (and even the unholy programmers at NBC):… more »

Dixon Golf introduces world's first green golf ball

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When I first received the press release announcing Dixon Golf's new green golf balls, I thought to myself: "Geez, I've got enough trouble finding the white ones." But then I realized I had been misled by the rampant polysemy in English, and that Dixon… more »
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