OMG!! Tour Edge Golf going live on Twitter!! LOL!!

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I have to be perfectly honest: I do not know precisely what Twitter is. I'm not saying I'm proud of it. Just that I'm being honest about it. But if you happen to Twitter, or Tweet, or whatever the verb is describing this time-sucking activity, the… more »

Putter designer Bruce Sizemore, Jr. resigns from The Sizemore Collection

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It is never a good sign when the namesake of a company leaves said company. I mean, when the clown walks out of McDonald's in his big red shoes, it's all over, right? So when I received a press release two days ago announcing the resignation of Bruce… more »

LPGA names Mirassou the Official Wine of the LPGA

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A couple years ago, I was scanning the wine sales at my local supermarket, and was very pleased to find a wine on sale for around $7 a bottle that I had seen for about $17 a bottle a few months earlier in California. I stocked up on the pinot noir (with… more »

Another season of ice-golf coming to an end in Minnesota

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As I write this, Old Man Winter is expelling one last, violent, frigid gasp over the good folks and ardent golfers in Minnesota. But as they look forward hopefully to the coming regular golf season, they will also be looking back over yet another ice-gol… more »

The Haney Project with Charles Barkley proves that misery loves company

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It has been many years since Charles Barkley has been called "The Round Mound of Rebound." Oh, he's been called a lot of other things since those days, including, quite recently: problem gambler, drunk driver, horny, and "under arrest." But he has… more »

Callaway and Acushnet trade lawsuits like golfers trade birdies in match-play

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A few weeks ago, I tried to make some sense of the ongoing kerfuffle between Callaway Golf and Acushnet (parent company of Titleist) on the podcast. In short, a couple of years ago Callaway sued Acushnet for patent infringement. It see… more »

Recession might level the golf equipment playing field

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Just in case you happened to be in a good mood when you started reading this, let me just sort of toss out a few words, names, and phrases: Foreclosure. Lay-off. Stock market nosedive. Unemployment. Bankruptcy. Lehman Brothers. Auto Industry. Home va… more »

Most frustrating thing about golf: The disconnect between range and course

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Golf is a frustrating game. It is perhaps THE most frustrating game for a number of defensible reasons, none of which will I go into here. My own greatest frustration is the complete disconnect I feel between the range and the course. I can hit ANY sh… more » is a social networking site for golfers

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[AUTHOR'S NOTE: There had been some earlier reports that clicking on the link triggered a warning about possible malware, in response to which, I had removed the original posting of this blog. I just received word from John Mitchell of Cartp… more »

Straight Aim helps protect your grips with new grip covers

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The folks at Straight Aim have discovered something about grips: If they are exposed to sunlight and/or air, they become slippery faster. While this discovery may not be quite Nobel-Prize-worthy, it would seem to be a plausible reason why your clubs… more »

Golfers at Minnesota's 25th annual Chilly Open hit the ice links tomorrow!

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Ahh, it's that time of year again on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata, Minnesota. It's time for stir-crazy, spring-fevered golfers to don their longjohns and grab a few clubs—and maybe a hockey stick—and hit the icy links. It's time for The Chilly Open.… more »

Winter blahs melting faster as more new equipment arrives: Nike SQ Dymo driver

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OK, I am starting to feel better about all of this cold weather. Despite the fact that our own Tom Spousta is pallin' around with equipment mongers in Orlando, things are looking up. First of all, my kids and I had a wonderful day sledding today.… more »

Winter blahs melting as new equipment arrives: SMT DB Plus

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It's too cold to golf, and the winter blahs have already entrenched themselves firmly in my psyche, even though the paradoxically shortest and longest month of the year has not yet begun. Sigh… Thankfully, equipment companies are rolling out thei… more »

Too cold to golf. Might as well read.

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Yesterday, I received a comment on one of my blogs from a couple years ago. That blog dealt with golf and poetry, and the comment was from Leon S. White, alerting me to his own wonderful blog called, GOLF COURSE OF RHYMES. White's blog is devoted to e… more »

Former USGA equipment guru Frank Thomas answers 100 equipment questions in new book

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Golf equipment is complicated stuff: high-tech materials, space-aged engineering, and a veritable alphabet soup of MOI, CoG, Ti, etc., etc. Faced with the risk of wasting hundreds – even thousands – of dollars, golfers contemplating the purchase… more »

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