Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 13

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Tiger and Cink both missed those birdie putts. This doesn't portent well for either, especially Tiger. The thing about Tiger is, he expects so much of himself, that when he does not live up to those expectations, he gets down on himself. It's as if he… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 12

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Once again, I'm wrong. Immelman is hanging on and playing well (and he's only got one 'n' in his name). Snedeker is going to be tough, but he's been too inconsistent today.Sweet Smokin' Moses! No one in the history of the world has ever swung as hard… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 11

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The partnership of Exxon-Mobile and Phil & Amy Mickelson is admirable because, as the commercial says, science and math are critical to our youths and to our nation and world. My question is this, however: Why is the NAtional Science Foundation's… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 10

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My bad! FLesch plays Cleveland (mainly). He switched from Titleist last year, and his game has continued to return to him after the switch. So, two times players have grounded their putter behind the ball, and the ball has moved, costing them each a… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 9

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It's quite remarkable the extent to which Nike staff players have come to dominate Tour leaderboards. Tiger, naturally, but also Stewart Cink, Trevor Immelman, and Paul Casey. Tbe only interruption in this Swoosh parade in the last few minutes was Brandt… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 8

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"real-time blogginf?" Crap. Cink falls back one. It's official: I'm the kiss of death. Let's try this: Tiger will shoot 96 and dissolve into tears on 18th green, where he vows to quit golf and take up bowling. Hey, if I'm going to be wrong anywa… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogginf -- Pt. 7

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One of my brothers-in-law has an amusing mind-trick that he uses when things are going badly on the course. He imagines that guys like us--average golfers--are the best players in the world. In other words, the shots we hit are the best that can be execu… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogginf -- Pt. 6

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Ahh...Masters sponsors... Exxon-Mobile: "How's $4 per gallon sound to you? Sounds GREAT to us!" AT&T: "We're listening (and we're sharing what we hear with the government)." What happened to Cadillac, BTW? Losing too much money not selling g… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogginf -- Pt. 5

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I can tell Tiger is a parent -- his legendary fuse is even shorter than before. Kids'll do that to you. Oh, wow. Snedeker drilled that long putt -- he's for real. And Cink got robbed on the par-3. He's for real, too. Immelmann, I think, is going t… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 4

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Did I just hear that Migel Angel Jimenez, my darkhorse pick carded an eagle today. Figures. I had him on my fantasy team the first two rounds, and was rewarded with very few points. I knew he had a low round in him, but it won't help me today. Let's hope… more »

Masters Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 3

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OK, so my great blogging scheme was just thwarted by my wife, who informed me that I have children and responsibilities. Notice that Elin isn't standing behind the 3rd green telling Tiger not to forget that he's got a daughter and needs to change the dra… more »

Master Final Round real-time blogging -- Pt. 2

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Phil Mickelson really screwed my fanatasy golf team over yesterday. Now, I should know not to switch away from Tiger on moving day at a major, but Phil had actually looked very strong Friday. Switchign to Phil yesterday cost me 14 points. As soon as I… more »

Masters final round coverage -- real-time blogging

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Several years ago, before the advent of the blogs on these pages, I had some good fun writing about Phil Mickelson's first major win. Today, I'll do my best to send along observations as close to real time as possible, typos be damned. Fist though… more »

No one who makes the cut is out of the Masters if the weather turns foul

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My fellow bloggers have picked everyone from Brandt Snedeker to K.J. Choi to Justin Rose at this year's Masters. My own darkhorse pick, Miguel Angel Jimenez, isn't looking stellar after a first round 77, but I still have one hope: crappy weather. I… more »

How the 2008 Masters will play out

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A local down in Augusta told me last week that they had been icing down the azaleas to keep them from blooming too soon. Ahh…the profound embarrassment of premature foliation. It's been a hot spring in the land of Coke and peaches, and a volati… more »

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