Sports Express lightens the load for golf travelers

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If there is a down side to golf travel, it’s lugging your clubs through airports. Then there’s the constant worry that some clumsy baggage handler will drop your golf bag and snap your driver, or worse yet, that the airline will lose your clubs all t… more »

Proderma offers sunscreen specifically for golfers

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Although I endeavor to avoid hypocrisy, I usually fail. For example, I look at smokers and wonder how they can continue to smoke, knowing full well the cancer risk.Then I hit the links on sunny days without even giving thought to sunscreen, knowing f… more »

Yes! Golf C-Groove putters named after significant others, and others

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A Mr. Richard Fader from Fort Lee, New Jersey, writes: "It is my understanding that the Yes putters models are named for the Tour Players wifes [sic]. Can you confirm this and provide a list? Your help is most appreciated." Well Mr. Fader, accordin… more »

Planning the perfect golf trip Pt. 1: The Legacy Golf Course in Springfield, Tenn.

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Every year for 20 years now, David Butts has been planning a 4-day golf trip for nearly 40 guys. Since 1998, I've been fortunate enough to be among them. An invitation to join is coveted, because once you're in, you're in for life. This is the most u… more »

LPGA included in shrinking list of businesses that don't get the Internet

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As far as I can figure out, I’ve been writing for longer than anyone else on staff – eight years now. Based on this experience, I want to reassure Stacy and Barry at the Golf for Beginners blog that their experience with the LPGA denyi… more »

Straight Aim putters: Everything but the kitchen sink

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One of the great joys of life is coming home to find a new golf club on my front porch. Lucky for me, as an equipment writer, this is almost a daily joy. It’s gotten to the point where my two-year-old son is disappointed when there’s not a long, rect… more »

Equipment companies compete for distance by messing with lofts

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In Tom Wishon’s book 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game, Wishon points out that the numbers on the bottom of your irons don’t mean diddly any more. The critical number is the loft angle. Simply put: The lower the loft angle, the farther the… more »

Nike OZ Black T130 has one key design feature

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Michelle Wie made her first cut in a men’s tournament this weekend (historical!), and finished in a tie for last place (yawn). But I’m not here to debate the relative merits of the SK Telecom Open as a respectable Asian Tour event. I’m here to… more » Blessing, part 2

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In my last blog, I noted that appears to be a blessing for players and equipment manufacturers. After we write about them, good things happen. As further evidence of this happy phenomenon, I notice that The Secret by Michael Cortson is… more »

Sports Illustrated Curse; Blessing

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You've all heard of the Sports Illustrated Curse, right? The one that says when you're featured on the cover of that esteemed periodical, you're bound to lose. Or get hurt. Or both. Well, it appears we here at have the opposite effect.… more »

Movable weights in drivers come in a variety of flavors

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Movable weight technology is all the rage in equipment today. This trend is huge in drivers, obviously, but even extends to putters. In case you’ve been living in a cave or in the desolate confines of Lanny Wadkins’s vocabulary, the point behind m… more »

Kohler makes golf great; immigrants made Kohler great

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While writing about The American Club in Kohler, Wis. and the courses at Whistling Straits and Blackwolf Run, I was struck not only by the amazing variety and imagination of the Pete Dye courses and the sumptuousness of the resort, but also by the histor… more »

Adams Golf is king of Champions Tour

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Although they weren’t marketed as “escape clubs” or “hybrids,” it could be argued that the Adams Tight Lies fairway wood was one of the first modern hybrids. Introduced in 1996-7, the shallow face and “upside down head” was billed at the pe… more »

Online golf instruction at Virtual Golf Instructor

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It’s hard for me to get into a practice schedule. I try to grab a few usually rushed minutes here and there. And I can pretty much forget about scheduling regular lessons with a local pro. Who has the time? Then when a few blessed practice minutes d… more »

TaylorMade re-enters ball market with TP Red and TP Black

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It seems like just yesterday when several club manufacturers decided they wanted to enter the golf ball market. Nike, Callaway and TaylorMade all introduced balls, with quite different results. Though none challegened the practical hegemony of Titlei… more »
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