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asdf [Visitor]
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In response to: Nike Golf celebrates 2011 Masters with limited edition balls, golf shoes

XRumerTest [Visitor]
Hello. And Bye.
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In response to: Have yourself a birdie little Christmas

I think your instincts are right: 44 courses in the Barcelona area, plus beaches and paella!
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In response to: Have yourself a birdie little Christmas

Adriá Bosch [Visitor]
I want to ask my dad for Christmas a golf trip, but I'm not sure if going to Barcelona or Verona... I think I'm more excited to go to Barcelona because I have already seen this option but I don't know... any advice? By the way, I also want the GPS golf watch... I need it right now
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In response to: Train like Jordan Spieth with Crossover Symmetry's Golf Fitness Package

Tim Newman [Visitor]
Crossover Symmetry use to be American Made, now made in China. For the American Made version and at a fraction of the price checkout the X-OVER Bands at

also checkout the Golfers Pro G warm-up Resistance Band at

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In response to: Golf shoe technology has improved as much as club technology

sports massages while pregnant [Visitor]
We love your providing these details for folks trying to find out more on subject areas similar to this.
Your blog was well crafted and very well investigated,
that is certainly very much valued. I am definitely looking for new websites to follow and read frequently.
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In response to: PXG: Precision fitting, powerful clubs

rogerafrance [Visitor]
Thank you so much for sharing this.
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In response to: Father's Day golf gift guide, 2017 edition

Tracy [Visitor]
Glad to hear you've been draining putts with the FLAT CAT Solution!!

The company is offering a very limited Father’s Day promotion on the revolutionary FLAT CAT Solution putter grip. From now until Monday, June 19, 2017, consumers that purchase one FLAT CAT Solution grip, can purchase a second grip for 50% off!
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In response to: Golf Pet Peeve #2: Unrepaired pitch marks on greens

theback9 [Visitor]
The Twister 2.0 is based on a patented invention that makes divot repair very easy to do and result in perfect repairs without any damage left to the green
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In response to: Beware of non-conforming Aerospeed Shaft

Chad underhill [Visitor]
The zero axis putter is not legal cause the club head cant be longer that the putter face is wide
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In response to: It's not how you play, it's how you look

Adrian [Visitor]
лечение зубов детям на кафедре в екатеринбурге
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In response to: Beware of non-conforming Aerospeed Shaft

John Watson [Visitor]
I bought The hammer 10 degrees. And I looked at the video and did exactly what it said. I can get only 150 out of it. Back to my 79 dollar tour edge 10.5 degree loft driver and boom 225. So at 68 I'll take it and The Hammer is for sale for whatever I can get for it. Dr. J
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In response to: Rules are rules, but cameras are not eyes: On the USGA, technology, and penalties

Jim Multerer [Visitor]
I agree completely with your assessment. Golf is an honorable activity and, as such, a golfer's word should be considered.
Now, if 'they' insist on assessing a penalty, at least make it a one stroke penalty and not a two stroke penalty. Inadvertent ball movement (or moving one grain of sand) does not deserve the same penalty as a blatant offense like actually grounding your club in the sand.
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In response to: Be distinctive on the course with Nobis headwear

Rahul kumar [Visitor]
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In response to: "The cart boy" is one swanky service I can do without

Etsuko [Visitor]
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In response to: The decadence of January golf in Illinois (or, "That's not my breath, it's smoke!")

Memo [Visitor]
Ah, love those decadent pleasures, golf and a good cigar. A selection I find delightful with an easy draw and flavor that won't leave that lingering heavy guttural taste that those who don't smoke a lot find displeasurable is the medium-bodied Flor de las Antillas Toro (Cigar Aficionado's 2012 Cigar of the Year). Price is right $6 +/- belies the quality of this Nicaraguan stogie from My Father line of cigars. Let me know why you think. Check it out at:
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In response to: Spiked Seltzer: Great idea, great drink

Ah, the original FedEx format. That was a dud when we knew who was going to win it before the final tourney ever started. Much better now after they tweaked the points/format a few times. Thanks for clarifying. The earlier link pulled up a great number of incoherent comments on previous blogs. Didn't know which you were referring to.
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In response to: Spiked Seltzer: Great idea, great drink

2under [Visitor]
Of course you don't, Kiel...

You claimed the FedEx was a dud. I embedded the link in my previous entry. Care to take a walk down memory lane?

What happened to the good days of Alex and Judge Smails?
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In response to: Spiked Seltzer: Great idea, great drink

No clue what you're talking about.
But cheers, anyway!
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In response to: Spiked Seltzer: Great idea, great drink

2under [Visitor]
Last time I contributed to a blog, it was about the viability of the FedEx cup.

Back in 2007, you were opining about Watermelon Fizzes...I see not much has changed.

Well, I'll ask you to revisit a 2007 blog:

What say you?
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In response to: Do April pars bring May birdies?

Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
Hit 'em straight, Kiel!
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In response to: Do April pars bring May birdies?

UPDATE: True to form, I was lucky to card one lone par during my my next nine. Nonetheless, another outing with friends was worth the ordeal. Maybe the problem was the lack of beer this time...
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In response to: French Lick Resort tries to head off damage from Indiana's RFRA

Brendan sweeney [Visitor]
Keil. Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to a great season and a historic Sr PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid this May. Cheers and Best in Golf to you and yours
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In response to: Nike Lunar Bandon Footwear golf shoes for soggy autumn days

Steven Alexander Golf Shoes [Visitor]
spikeless golf shoes (without replaceable spikes) and hybrid shoes (a mix of molded spikes and replaceable spikes) are expected to be 40-50% of all golf shoe sales.
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In response to: Nike Lunar Bandon Footwear golf shoes for soggy autumn days

kiel christianson [Visitor]
Interesting! I've had mine for over a year now, and haven't had that problem. Maybe you got a faulty pair. I'm sure they are still under warranty -- you should exchange them for a different pair to see if that solves the problem. Hope it does!
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In response to: Nike Lunar Bandon Footwear golf shoes for soggy autumn days

Billy [Visitor]
I have bought a pair of this and completed a round this morning. Weather was good but there were rain the night before. After the round I found the stitches at the front tips of the shoes were allowing water to leak in, which I think might be a design fault. Everywhere else was dry. I must say the shoes were comfortable.
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In response to: "Birdies for the Children" and 11-year-old founder Yuvish Singh give golfers of all ages reason for optimism

Vic Singh [Visitor]
Congratulations to Yuvish and all the luck, blessings and support to you as you head to France to compete in the first stage of the European Tour QSchool. You are an outstanding golfer and a tremendous human being. May god be with you, from all of us in Canada, USA, India, South Africa, South America and Europe.
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In response to: Hey, USGA – Why no U.S. Women's Senior Open?

Katharine [Member]
Great idea. Men as well as women can learn a great deal when they get up close to watch women golfers of any age in action.
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In response to: Putter designer Bruce Sizemore, Jr. resigns from The Sizemore Collection

Mybluc4 [Visitor]
Every few months I post a search request for Bruce Sizemore. Does anyone know if Bruce is still designing and building custom putters? Kind of went dark after his split with SuperStroke. Before that Sizemore designed some really terrific putters under his own signature, many with stunning milled faces and beautiful finishes.

Would appreciate any updates. Thanks.
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In response to: Hydro Flask: Hydration and/or libation for golfers

Betty Dean [Visitor]
Excellent article! I want one of these for my crappy rounds of golf. Scotch and water would do nicely!
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In response to: Anything you can do, Wie can do better

Dan at Cheap Golf Clubs [Visitor]
I'm with you. I have been saying the same things about Michelle since she first appeared in golf. She has tremendous talent and it will continue to become more apparent.
She's just a kid yet, but she will win big.
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In response to: "Fore" golf gifts for Father's Day 2014

John Mc Loud [Visitor]
how about giong hunting balls with the nite-hawk golf ball predator?
fahters liek competions...
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In response to: First day of the 2014 golf season: Great Expectations

Bob Gordon [Visitor]
A reminder that golf is more than a game. It is that opportunity to bond, share laughs and have fun with friends.
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In response to: First day of the 2014 golf season: Great Expectations

Karl Newton [Visitor]
No truer words were ever spoken. Golf has lead to many if not most of my middle age friendships. I call myself lucky to have the game and these fellow dewsweepers in my life.
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In response to: Hole-in-one in Tennessee earns free filet mignon

Rajec [Visitor]
It was considered a distraction from archery practice which young Scots where expected to take up. Ironically, after James II's kingship he had a burial at ruined Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is only minutes away from various golf courses including the Prestonfield Golf Club which is the closest golf course to Holyrood Abbey and his resting place.
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In response to: Last-minute Valentine's Day gift for a never-ending winter

Karl Newton [Visitor]
Will this crate and it bootie improve my turn? I'm afraid this inactivity may have affected flexibility.
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In response to: Putter designer Bruce Sizemore, Jr. resigns from The Sizemore Collection

Elliot DeBear [Visitor]
Big Bruce Sizemore fan. Use an SB-2 feel it is one of the highest quality, beautiful and well engineered putters made. What ever happened to Bruce after his split with SuperStroke? Is he still designing and building putters?
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In response to: Beware of non-conforming Aerospeed Shaft

Dave [Visitor]
Why is the zero axis putter non conforming?
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In response to: Hole-in-one in Tennessee earns free filet mignon

Michael Morshower [Visitor]
So now steaks are part of golf vacation packages. Just kidding. I wish I could also nail a hole in one.
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In response to: Hole-in-one in Tennessee earns free filet mignon

Michael Neary [Visitor]
Kiel, might you have an up to date email address for Bob Thomas ? I am from Dublin, Ireland and want to talk to him. Thanks Michael
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In response to: Solheim Cup observations

Whoa, and it was a caddy that conceded the putt as she addressed the ball. Not only illegal, but also interference. Weird.
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In response to: Solheim Cup observations

Another observation: It's not that Michelle Wie can't putt. It's that she can't read greens. Her putting stroke -- no matter how she stands -- is fine.
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In response to: Solheim Cup observations

So...If Creamer had not been able to stop her stroke after that ill-timed concession, Lexi would have been disqualified from the hole. THIS, I think, is what made Paula angry on that hole Saturday afternoon. She was saying, "Really? As I'm taking the putter back?"
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In response to: Solheim Cup observations

Another thought: Has there ever been a taller combined pairing in Solheim Cup history than Jessica Korda and Michelle Wie?
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In response to: "While we're young" – The curse of slow play

Chuck Stump [Visitor]
The comment on match play would really speed things up. I'd like to see beginners be "tested" for basic skills on par-3 layouts. And always HWR-hit when ready.
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In response to: "While we're young" – The curse of slow play

R. Bruce Walker [Visitor]

I had a similar reaction myself ... not sure that the tone and manner is entirely appropriate. Certainly the acting and delivery by the selection of golf celebrities is 'wooden'. I like to imagine that the agency that pitched the concept at least tried to negotiate with the estate of Rodney Dangerfield or the makers of Caddyshack to use his actual image to kickoff the campaign.

As a former ad guy/creative director what I do appreciate is that by having a handle like 'While we're young," guys making the complaint have a way to make light of the situation and avoid the potential conflict that calling out slow play and slow players usually causes.

Per slow players themselves, they are the scourge of the game. I have quit country clubs because of them; stood on my head on a towel in the middle of the fairway to get their attention; and seriously considered giving up the game entirely after a few particularly annoying outings.

It is the disrespect and the utter self-absorption that is most offensive. With each practice swing, plumb bob and laborious contemplation they torture everyone unfortunate enough to be in their company or who are forced to play behind them.

I dare say has it never occurred to them that golf is a game of rhythm and momentum that rewards continuity of play? I can virtually guarantee better scores when the game is played quickly and continuously and professionals should teach this,
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In response to: Three Father's Day gifts that will make Dad smile

Matthew [Visitor]
My dad plays golf, so i got him a personalized ball target from with mine and my brothers' baby photos on the flag. He really liked them.
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In response to: "While we're young" – The curse of slow play

Fred Greene [Visitor]
Kiel, please contact me, I'd like to interview you on this topic for the GOLF SMARTER Podcast!
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In response to: "While we're young" – The curse of slow play

Fred Greene [Visitor]
From first glance, I thought the "While We're Still Young" campaign was condescending. But isn't that the basic elitist position of the USGA from day one? I have another suggestion for courses re: Marshalls. If you've noticed that a group is playing slowly, most likely they spend a LOT of time looking for balls that are either OB or buried in deep rough. Instead of telling them to speed up, position yourself in the fairway as they tee off. If they hit an errant shot, find it immediately and mark it for them! Wouldn't that be a helpful and welcomed service?!??!
PermalinkPermalink 06/28/13 @ 10:30

In response to: Beware of non-conforming Aerospeed Shaft

David C [Visitor]
I sent the nonconforming zero axis putter back after getting ra from Jack Hamm

Still trying to get credit for the return.
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