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Comment from: D. Hudson [Visitor]
Baseball players throw chairs at fans more accurately than they do a relay to home plate; the NBA has to deal with the Hip-Hop/Gangsta mentality of it's over paid playahs, er, players; every NFL tackle is celebrated ("Look at ME!")as if the Super Bowl was saved and people are worried about David Toms flipping off some half-witted sot?
Greg Norman would have gone into the gallery to 'discuss' the advantages of keeping one's inebriated mouth shut, and we can safely surmise that Steve Williams response to something untoward directed at Tiger might well have brought four more fingers to the party.
Was Toms wrong? Yeah. Fine him? Yes.
Get over it.

06/07/05 @ 15:26
Comment from: Andy Clifton [Visitor]
I WAS watching the final round of the Memorial when the incident occurred, and while I did not condone the action, felt that Mr. Toms was justified in his understated and sly reaction to an inebriated and obnoxious fan that found it humorous that David missed a 7 footer for par during his surge to pass the field as Leader. His actions were justified, indeed. David Toms is a class act, and first rate ambassador of the finest game on this planet . . . and, not to mention, quickly becoming the best weekend golfer on the Tour by far. Look for his name atop many a leader board in the majors this, and every year. Do not let this isolated incident reflect the values of the man as a whole.
06/08/05 @ 09:05
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
Here, here, Andy! Don't get me wrong. I too think Toms was justified in what he did. I just thought it was a little cheesy to fib about it after the fact.

And you're right, Toms is a class act.
06/08/05 @ 09:47
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Maybe if we the fans had enough backbone to educate the offenders on golf etiquette (which would be quite embarassing for him) then these things wouldn't happen very often. For PR sake Toms will probably get a mild rebuke, but it's really hard to get upset at him for responding to an idiot, considering the scenario and timing of the incident.
06/08/05 @ 15:33
Comment from: Greg [Visitor]
Anyone know where there is a picture of the "salute"? I would love to have him autograph it! As far as pro sports go, D Hudson got it right on the mark.
06/10/05 @ 15:19
Comment from: Daniel Campbell [Visitor]
David Toms is a class act? Who are you kidding? When he was up here and
kids asked him to sign an autograph he snatched a hat out of one of their
hands, didn't stop walking, never looked at the kid, signed it (while he was
walking away) and threw it behind him (over his head) not even caring if the
right person got their hat back. David Toms is the biggest jerk on the tour
and his attitude needs to be addressed by PGA officials. They are aware of
his problem and now they have evidence on tape. Now all they have to do is
give him the treatment that he deserves.
06/14/05 @ 20:47
Comment from: David R. [Visitor]
I was at the Memorial Tournament and saw it all happen. People in the crowd were actually laughing at his gesture. The photographer who got the picture was right in front of me. He showed me the picture on the digital screen of his camera and said "this pictures gonna be worth a lot of money." Now the picture is everywhere. I guess he was right.
09/18/05 @ 13:08
Comment from: Kirk Hampton [Visitor] Email
Hi, I wonder if the fan pointed out that Toms is always playing golf on drugs? Maybe Toms should adjust his dose of beta-blockers so he doesn't fall on his butt as often. Lets test these guys like they do in the olympics.... FOR EVERYTHING.
12/12/07 @ 14:44

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