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Comment from: Stu Pidass [Visitor]
Grandslam - will never happen.
New Swing - great, but really, what was wrong with the old one!
The missed cut - I don't think he cares, why should we.
The bride - It will be a union that lasts, fit, rich, high profile... and that is just him. Her previous life was as a nanny and sometimes employed model. New life, unlimited expense account... you do the math.
06/13/05 @ 14:07
Comment from: MikeR [Visitor]

Good swing, just like the old, and he still waxes 90% of the field. His uncanny grinding ability to surge past folks on the final day. I have yet to see anyone in th field reach down and crank it up a notch! Unlike his counterparts, I like how he finds the extra gear to make it all interesting. If he could have at Pinehurst, he would, but even he has to have the golf gods give a few breaks. Despite the money, wife, and constant negative media, he cares! Who wants to watch the other dudes inconsistent attempts at posting a to ten finish. Talk about not caring, I never see those other guys with any determination. Oh I forgot about the flash in the pan Thursday-Saturday guys, cheesing in front of the camera's Sunday crash & burns. "Like a star fish at the beach, can't hold a thing!" To all you armchair critics, let me see you be six strokes behind, in that venue, and rise to the top! Won't happen, thats why Tiger rocks!
06/22/05 @ 15:20

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