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Comment from: John Wayne [Visitor]
Why would you change your mind about hunters in general ?

What do you expect ?

After reading Wolfboy's idioatic comments on something he knows nothing of. What do you expect ? He flamed hunters and Iowan's in general. If your going to dish out the bs, then you better well be able to take it back. Next time the boy wants to talk about hunting and Iowa, maybe he should do some research and become familer with the topic first. His article would be like myself writing about how to do brain surgery. Get Real !

John Wayne (so as Wolfboy calls us)
2005-09-15 @ 17:55
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
Hey, John Wayne: I haven't really had a change of heart about hunters in general. It was, uhhh, you know, tongue-in-cheek kinda stuff. And I'm not defending Wolfrum or anything he wrote. You guys can pile on him all day long for all I care. All I'm saying is no cussin' 'round these parts. Is that clear enough for you?
2005-09-15 @ 18:09
Comment from: John Wayne [Visitor]
I have no problem with it. The guys that are cussin at him are doing it on purpose anyway. He just kinda pissed them off if you know what I mean.

Good thing that the Deer Hunting sites haven't seen his comments yet. WOW... can you say that there's goin' be a good ol' fashion lynchin' at the 18th hole ? RLMFAO now !!!!!!

John Wayne
2005-09-15 @ 18:14
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
>>"Good thing that the Deer Hunting sites haven't seen his comments yet. WOW... can you say that there's goin' be a good ol' fashion lynchin' at the 18th hole?"


Hey, you post a link to his blog over at those hunting sites, I'll go fill a cooler with beer and ice (maybe even get McDonald to bring some BBQ. We can kick back and watch the fun. Deal?
2005-09-15 @ 18:19
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor]
A) How does one decipher "RLMFAO Now"?

B) I hope these guys aren't as fast at the trigger as they are on the keyboard. With all the typing mistakes, they might wound a tree, a bench or a water cooler by mistake.

C) To clarify, a "good ol' fashion lynchin' at the 18th hole" is ... see, I almost did it. You just can't make a joke about something that causes real pain, because so many people have suffered from these things. Humor does have its cost.
2005-09-15 @ 22:13
Comment from: John Wayne [Visitor]

Come on man, don't get your undies tied in a knot now. Picky Picky Picky... maybe if your site had an edit selection then a guy could go back and make some spelling corrections. Jeezzzzzz, chill out dude ! Personally you sound pretty sissy like to me anyway. I dought very much you could handle the cold and snow of a deer hunt anyway. If it really bothers you that much then go back to bed and play with your (golf) balls. Now I Am Really Laughing My FRECKIN A$$ Off. Get it !!!

John Wayne
2005-09-16 @ 07:43
Comment from: Big Red [Visitor]
Personally I think this group of arrogant yuppie types has already gotten more attention than it ever deserves. Good day.
2005-09-16 @ 08:39
Comment from: John Wayne [Visitor]
I would almost have to agree Mark... But it still fun screwing with these self proclaimed sportsmen. Riding around on their cute little carts hitting a little white ball with a club. And then going home and telling the wifey pooh how tired they are from all the exercise they got out on the course. If you sissy's want some "real" exercise come out on a pheasant hunt sometime. I'll show you some good ol' fashion exercise if you think you can hang with an old man. But the most important thing about hunting is not the killing like these freaks think it is about. Its about being with mother nature, enjoying the great outdoors and what it has to offer. Its about watching a well trained dog search and work a field and the enjoyment that dog gets when it get to retrieve a bird you shot not for yourself but for him. The bonus of the whole experiance is that you have a truely "natural" meal to take home that isn't loaded with man made chemicals. The joy of watching and listening and experiancing mother nature in her glory is what hunting is all about. How many golfers go out on the course and experiance mother nature for what she is worth ? Now who is the hypocrits here ? The golfers are doing more harm to the natural balance of nature by removing wildlife habitat that animals such as the deer, pheasant, quail, geese, ducks and others used as their homes just by building their precious little playgrounds called golf courses. Its you the golfers who should be ashamed of yourselves. Self rightous pukes that you are. Who are you to critize the true sportsmen in this world ?

John Wayne (as we Iowan's have been called)
Al Clark
2005-09-16 @ 14:28
Comment from: James [Visitor]
Speaking of hunting...I was playing the back nine at Hyde Park and had the opportunity to club a raccoon. My buddy stuffed the carcass in his bag and took him out in the woods just off the 15th fairway bunker. We built a small fire and roasted him on an oak branch. We should have skinned him first. All in all, he was pretty good, although a bit stringy.
2005-09-22 @ 11:59
Comment from: Tim McDonald [Member] Email
I agree with John Wayne and James. I once killed a dog, mistakenly, on a hunt. To kill an animal for no purpose, in my view, is a sin. I don't enjoy telling this, but we skinned and ate him, too. We had the guts to tell his owners anyway.
2005-09-22 @ 19:08
Comment from: Buck Webelo [Visitor]
i once knowd a guy, gratest Sportsman i ever knowd. coud trak like the devil hiself. never seed him mis a shot . One nite we wuz sitin roun the far and he wurnt hafway threw his 12pack when he done blowd his haid off whilst cleenin his gun. dam, it were trajic. dont recall seein him gof none tho ,rekkon he never wil . them goffers is dum anyhow
2005-09-23 @ 00:26
Comment from: R. McEwen [Visitor]
Sorry you've had that experience. I've always found hunters to be the nicest people. I think that maybe they get tired of being demogauged by the liberal news media and they get frustrated that many in the general public's buy into the new media's anti-gun hype.
2005-11-07 @ 16:10

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