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Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

You must be a reporter, because you have an outstanding knack for taking what someone says way out of context.

Specifically, I stated that it is rude to criticise someone's home course in the manner in which Chris Baldwin did. If I invite someone to play my course, and they criticise it, they will be lucky not to be walking off 18 green with their putter stuck in their ass.

I particularly find it funny to hear criticism from people who really don't have the qualifications to criticise a course based on design characteristics, playability, etc. And the clincher is when someone, like Baldwin, "speaks" for the pro's and states they are only being polite in their praise or condemnation of a golf course. How the hell does he know? He's basing this assumption on his own evaluation of the course, where he probably didn't even break 90. If he has facts/statements from the players, that's fair. But I didn't read any.

I think criticism is fair of many things. But talking about someone's home course is like talking about someone's home, in my book. What Baldwin wrote was just simply taking a cheap shot at Baldwin Park.

Maybe next time, the residents of San Fran will tell him to find a different town to play in.

So my reticence to criticise other's courses should not be construed as a threat to our free-market economy.
2005-10-20 @ 17:12
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
Duuuuude, chill out, man! What happened to the surfer-dude that was telling me to relax because I said pro golfers should be fined kicking the sponsors signs? No wonder you think that stuff should be allowed. You say you want to stick your putter in very uncomfortable places just for a comment you disagree with? Must be the lot in life for accomplished players such as yourself.

I'd suggest a little anger management class. Aw nevermind, don't change a thing. You just said in another post that golf needs jerks, too.

2005-10-21 @ 08:23
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]

Talking about living in glass houses?

You expect everyone to be a robot out on the course, mind their manners while playing, but spew about how they hate the course, the conditions, etc.? If it were my course, I'd be a little offended. I am sure you would be, too.

And thanks for the suggestion, Shanks. But as I said in another post, I don't take advice from hacks.
2005-10-21 @ 10:20
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
You're right. It was wrong to get nasty and I apologize for that one. I can be impulsive. Doesn't mean it's right, tho. (Kinda like a fine on Tour, you know?)

But me, I'd rather somebody be honest about their opinion than degrade themselves and suck up. And most of my boys would say it the way they feel it. So maybe you wouldn't like to play with us - whether we're hacks or not.
2005-10-21 @ 12:49
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Looks like we'll continue to agree to disagree, Shanks.

2005-10-21 @ 13:48
Comment from: Shanks [Visitor]
As you wish .....
2005-10-24 @ 12:22
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Here is some criticism, to satisfy BOB's thirst for blood:

I despise Doug Carey and Kiel Christianson because they don't write with enough frequency, and when they do, it's bland.

I abhor Chris Baldwin and Tim "Baldwin Light" McDonald because they would rather stir the pot than write something with foundation and sincerity.

I reject Blogger Leaderboard Girl because she cherry-picks news from every other non-TG blogger out there, rather than writing a blog on golf.

I calumny Jennifer Mario because she's so predictable. Always taking the woman's side.

I villify Wolfrum because his blogs, like SNL skits, begin with such promise, then run too long, along too many useless tangents.

I condemn Cheap Bastard for losing his luster.

I abstain from Rebel Blogger, as I don't know what purpose he serves.

I admonish B.O.B. for allowing me to continue blogging.
2005-11-02 @ 22:38
Comment from: William K. Wolfrum [Member] Email
Thank you Ron Mon. I will work on keeping things more short and precise.

I believe the below paragraph of yours will give me the inspiration I need to keep things crisp and tight.

-- WKW

"So who do I root for next year? Lonnie, of course. He didn't finish with the 65 that helped him so much at Q-School last year. He took enough strokes the previous weeks to secure his positon. Who gets my heartache award? Tom McKnight and John Harris. McKnight used to come through western New York to play the Porter Cup as a mid-am. He qualified throught the tour school last year, and held a spot in the top twenty five until Sunday afternoon. It was then that R.W. Eaks posted a third consecutive round in the sixties at the SBC Champipionship, finished T4 with Quigley, and claimed the final spot in the top 30. My hope is that McKnight acquired the same support as Lonnie, and will be able to count on exemptions to buoy his status as 1st non-exempt player. McKnight is the answer to a great trivia question: who in the top 30 in Charles Schwab Cup points is not in the top 30 on the Champions Tour? Kind of stinks that he won't be able to improve on his status this week. The other ache is for John Harris, who began the final week in 34th spot, but recorded only 62 strokes from tee to green on Friday. Seemingly set on securing an exempt spot for the 2006 tour, he fell to a 72-76 finish to end 33rd on the money list. Another former Porter Cupper, Harris is a member at Augusta National, a well-off, hard-working guy, and will be back."
2005-11-18 @ 11:18

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