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Comment from: NothingMan [Visitor]
The title and the first sentence should be quoted for years to come. Hilarious!
2006-02-22 @ 15:57
Comment from: Martin Levac [Visitor]
I've always wondered at the purpose of calling somebody a loser. I think it's a function of our own faillibility. Since we are losers, it's good to find another loser we can call a loser just because it makes us feel better about ourselves. Is that how it goes?

More than that, at which point is it worthy of becoming publishable news?

Look there, a loser. Let's write this down. Go me!

I don't know what's going on down there. Who is the real hero?

What about all the other skiers who did not win? Let me remind you that if you don't win, you lose. They are all losers by definition. Why not call them losers as well? Why not make it the news and print it?

Regardless of how much or how little effort you put into it, if you don't win, you lose. That makes you a loser by definition.

I win because I'm faster than them. I lose because they're faster than me. Is there any other reason?

Oh, but I drink beer. Wait a minute, they all drink beer as well. Must be another reason.

Because he, more than any other, had the skills and whatnot to become a winner? I don't buy this crap. Either he wins or he loses. That's the only factor that determines if he's a winner or a loser. What about all the other skiers? Did they not have the skills and whatnot to become a winner as well? Seems like they didn't, considering their finish position. Wait, let's apply this "seems like they didn't" line of thought to that skier we all call a loser. Let's look at his finish position. No, I'm right, he lost the race just like all the other skiers who did not win.

Seems like he did not have the skills afterall. Let's call him a loser but let's also include all the other losers as well. Just to be fair. Both to them and to ourselves.


2006-02-25 @ 04:33

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