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Comment from: USA-Mike [Visitor]
Typical ignorant liberal.......ooops sorry for the oxymoron. Maybe you're worked into such a lather because Rush is right. Hmmmm, let's not debate his realistic comments, let's attack him personally.....typical liberal.
2006-03-28 @ 08:32
Comment from: Mark Nessmith [Visitor]
Just curious, USA-Mike, can you point to where I'm "worked into such a lather?" OR where I "attack him personally?"
2006-03-28 @ 09:15
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Visitor]
It's true that Michelle Wie will eventually have to win a tournament in order to live up to the hype that she is generating.

What I really liked was Wie's response when asked who Limbaugh is. She could care less!
2006-03-28 @ 09:41
Comment from: Larry [Visitor]
I can't believe how many times
Rush Limbaugh has been written about by different people on this blog in the past 2 weeks! I'm starting to think this blog has become Oprah. Just drop this. A signal someone is going to start gossiping: "I can't believe what so and so said about so and so...!" Leave Mr. Limbaugh alone, leave Ms. Wie's personal life alone, and get back to business, which is golf!
2006-03-28 @ 21:11
Comment from: tom flaherty [Visitor]
What do you expect from a 4-F coward? Yellow is yellow things don't change. Why does a golf site spend time on this idiot?
2006-03-29 @ 05:26
Comment from: David [Visitor]
I didn't listen to the show; I have only read the quote given:

"It's a triumph of marketing. If she really wants to play with the men, it's fine. Let her try for a tour card. But now it's a marketing tool they're using to build her up to a level much greater than her actual accomplishments. At some point, she has to get some wins."

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Michelle IS a triumph of marketing; she sells tickets and the corporations love her (e.g. Nike and Sony) - that's why she has $10M in endorsement deals. Not hard to understand.

Yes, let her play with the men. No one has stopped her so far. Okay, next.

'But now it's a marketing tool they're using to build her up to a level much greater than her actual accomplishments. At some point, she has to get some wins.' Yes, that is the whole marketing gimmick - a 16 year old girl is playing against the men. That is no secret. Surely this isn't new to anyone? The whole gimmick does indeed make her sound better than she really is; after all, she doesn't COMPETE with the men, she just turns up and plays (i.e. she hasn't even made a cut yet). Further, she doesn't have any accomplishments in terms of wins. The only 'accomplishments' she has are 'tournament appearances' - yes, she has played in half a dozen men's events; yes, she has came second in women's majors. But has she won anything? NO!

Finally. She WILL have to win something. Sooner or later, without that win, she'll just be considered the Kournikova of women's golf.

I don't see what the problems are. Everything that was said is true. Michelle has immense talent and uses it well, but it's all still true. I'm not doubting Tiger's talent when I say that to be considered the greatest player ever, he needs more than 18 majors. I'm just stating something that is true.

I think that anyone who finds my comments or Rush's comments offensive should either:

1) just shut up and let it go; or
2) crawl back to church to repent of your 'sins' (i.e. doing anything that involves fun, etc.), and wish death upon all the evil sinners in the world (i.e. me and all the other people who express their rightful opinions in life, which are often true and shouldn't seem offensive to any normal person); or
3) fly to Westminster and join Tony Blair in running a nanny state, i.e. a country where you don't have much right to free speech and are controlled in almost everything you do.

2006-03-29 @ 16:39
Comment from: Jim [Visitor]
Michelle Wie is indeed a marketer's dream. The bandwagon starts earlier every day. She is still a young teenager, all the schoolgirls will buy Nike aparell. She isn't a bad looking girl to begin with. She could get better looking with age, and then those same teenagers are now in college. The cosmetics industry can bank on them buying anything she endorses. And lets just do a ''what if?''scenario that she turns into a female version of Tiger Woods? Playing on the men's tour or not, if she's any good as a golfer she is gonna be a draw. When she starts putting wins on her resume' even more cash will flow her way.
2006-07-05 @ 18:18

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