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Comment from: ToddCommish [Visitor]
I think the survey results are debatable. Asking people if they're bothered by profanity is like asking men if they wash their hands every time they take a leak. Most will respond in a way that makes them look less dirty.

If someone drops something and says "Sh*t", most people just blow it off. If someone drops something and says "F**king G**d*** Sh*t", most people would be "bothered". And if you're a golfer, I guaran-freakin-tee that you've sworn out loud on the course, either after pull-hooking into the lake or three-putting.
2006-03-29 @ 12:28
Comment from: David [Visitor]
Swearing when learning to drive a car, hitting a bad golf shot etc. is not that bad.

On the golf course, nobody hears the swear words, they just sympathise with the golfer who hit the crap shot.

The driving instructor knows how frustrating learning to drive can be, so doesn't want a 'sorry,' and is used to hearing curse words.

I don't think anyone here can claim to never have used a curse word. Let's just let it go and let Tiger's golf do the talking next week at the Masters (hopefully it will do the talking).
2006-03-29 @ 16:48
Comment from: Luke [Visitor]
Dude... that last paragraph was freakin hilarious!

Unfortunately, I swear enough to get me in trouble once in a while.. although I try as much as possible to internalize it on the golf course... that whole keeping quite/respect for other golfers thing.

The majority of times I play with people I don't know so in those cases I watch what I say.

Tiger is great, what he does for people outside of golf is amazing but he should try to substitute the hard swear words for some softer one's like DAMN!

I have to watch my mouth in front of my son.. Tiger has to watch it in front of thousands of young viewers.

2006-03-29 @ 20:11
Comment from: John Fischer [Visitor]
I believe it was Bob Jones who once commented there are times on a golf course which require that a club be thrown. It's the same for a few choice words. When Tiger does it, it makes him more human and more like the rest of us.
2006-03-30 @ 15:19
Comment from: Charles Walker [Visitor] Email
Learning control one day on the golf course came in San Antonio. I was paired with 3 girls ages raging from 9 to 14. Their dad was the caddy. I missed a long putt for a birdie by a coat of paint. I janked my putter up and was about to yell some words not fit for kids. I caught the father's eyes, and just exhaled the air I had been holding. Thats how I learned
2006-12-09 @ 10:02

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