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Comment from: Scottydoo [Visitor]
I completely agree against everything you said. These old washed up geezers should stick to Celebrity Poker and the new "Celebrity Don't Wake Daddy" Game. This is the day and age of animation, and I say bring on the cartoon celebrities. Throw in some 3d animation while you're at it. The perfect foursome would be Tiger, Thomas "Crazy Eyes" Levet, Bugs Bunny, and the Blue guy from TRON. Oh Man this is gold, ratings would be huge. Even more kids would be getting into golf ensuring another generation continues this sport.
2005-02-18 @ 12:18
Comment from: John [Visitor]
I cringe whenever I hear talk about bringing "non-golf fans" into the game. Such "fans" tend to be transient, tuning in for the big events or when Tiger is hot. And while they may add to TV audience quantity, they add little to audience quality. (Astute advertisers prefer the loyal viewers who aren't switching over to college basketball during commercial breaks or when Bill Murray isn't on camera while clowning around on the green.) Appeasing the fickle, peripheral fan could lead to tinkering with a sport that needs no tinkering. Just imagine: "For the 2010 PGA season, several major rule changes are in place to make the game, as Commissioner Kenny G puts it, more interesting to the third-tier fan. Most noticeable will be the expansion of the size of the hole on the green to a full 10 inches in diameter. This will result in more long putts, chip shots and even full shots going in the hole . . . "
2005-02-24 @ 11:16
Comment from: The Restless Shaman [Visitor]
The thing that really annoys me about die hard golf fans is that they act like their love for the game is so much greater than the average hacker. They don’t like celebrity golfers? Why, because they bring a sense to the game that detracts from the overall performance of how good tour pros are, or they show a carded seven on live TV, or is it maybe, just maybe the jealousy that spews from a lonely life spent spanking their putter in search of their own single digit handicap. The Fact is that everyone loves golf, more so Bill Murray and Jack Lemmon, god rest his soul, that remind us of how good the tour pros are. That’s what you would look like at a pro-am on your damn birthday (i.e. your best round)! So why the hatred, why? What is it you hate? I can tell you this; the reason that Taylormade can justify a 1000 dollar driver is by appealing to that separation between tour pros and the real hacks, (i.e. Charles Barkley). This type of show not only brings more fans to golf, which is essential for the huge purses and numerous events that grow every year, leading to the growing of cheaper courses and a huge selection of golf equipment. If the purists had it their way they’d play old Mashy Nibblies and sit on their gutta percha ball. If it wasn’t for all this growth in the sport, golf would still be a bigot centralized, rich man sport, and that’s just wrong. If they had it their way, Blacks and women would still be carring bags. Think about that the next time you dog the promotions of the PGA tour pro ams.
2005-05-18 @ 15:47
Comment from: Mr Skin [Visitor]
Celebrity golfers? Who really cares anyways?
2006-06-26 @ 16:14

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