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Bill Syken Golf Blog in SI.Com--What the $%#@& are you saying?

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So Bill Syken, who now writes something called the Daily Blog for SI.Com, is the new master of the counter-trap? Actually, since I never played football, I have no idea what that is. How about the misdirection play? Syken lists three reasons why Tig… more »

Day Six: The Practice Center at Bandon Dunes--Oh My God!

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Let me tell you bout a place, somewhere down a Bandon way, where the people are so gay, putting/chipping/pitching the night away. That's a song. Gay doesn't mean homosexual there, just happy. Giddy, even. Delirious is pushing it, but why not. Af… more »

My Final Word On Bigger Par, Longer Courses, and Narrower Fairways

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Do whatever you want, baby! Make par 80 for 18 holes. Make the fairways really narrow. Make the course really long. I can promise as a dyed-in-the-wool golfomaniac that someone different will win every week. When one of the greats gets on a run, tha… more »

Day Four: Pacific Dunes and Tom Doak

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Day four brought the final new course experience, courtesy of Pacific Dunes. The shortest of the three courses will leave me with the greatest number of memories. To begin, Tom Doak created the most unique nine of the three courses. After a balanced o… more »

Day Three: Bandon Trails

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Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw had some familiarity with dunesland when Mike Keiser called on them to build the third course at Bandon. Sand Hills, near Mullen, Nebraska, has moved permanently into the top ten of american golf courses in a short period of… more »

Bandon Dunes Log: Day Two--The Original

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David McLay Kidd was hired to build the course that would share the name of the resort at Bandon Dunes. From what I've read, he had little pedigree to justify owner Mike Keiser's faith in him. What he created at Bandon is little short of miraculous. T… more »

Bandon Dunes Log: Day One-Getting There

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The flight from Buffalo to Portland was a long one, with a stop in Chicago. The drive from Portland down I-5 past Eugene was an enlightening one. The drive from I-5 to 38 to 101 was an inspiring one. The great Oregon dunes near North Bend and Coos bay… more »

Why we all need a tour-level caddie

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While bloodying myself on the front nine at Mill Creek today (I rebounded with 41 from the tips on the back), I had an epiphany. I believe that tour players, if forced to carry their own bags or ride with a partner in a cart, would score higher than the… more »

Distance Enhancement: No Bathtubs Here!

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Unlike the convention of ED medications that populate our television screens, permeate our print advertisements, and pervade our web blurbs, technology in golf cannot be said to have increased length for extended periods of time, at least for the average… more »

Who is this Cheap Bastard?

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I've had enough. Seven blogs in three days, none of them more than a paragraph long. He has faster fingers than RonMon. Wandering the beaches my ass. More like wandering the web. Who is this Cheap Bastard? He's not Fat Bastard, that's for sure. He… more »

Anonymous Golfer Wins Anonymous Tournament With Anonymous Clubs, Says Unnamed Source

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"Nickent reports that the second-place finisher at the Price Cutter Charity Championship used a 3DX ironwood." When you have abandoned your wife, kids, pets, neighbors, clubs, course, and bag, you can certainly be classified as a real cyber golf nut.… more »

The New Monster: Kaluhyat at Turning Stone

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During the halcyon years of Eisenhower, Joe Finger was commissioned to build the most difficult course in the world. He succeeded, and the Monster course at the Concord (Kiamesha Lake, New York) stands as a living monument to an era of excess. The Mons… more »

John Daly tackles the true Thundering Waters

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On Wednesday evening, the 3rd of August, John Daly put aside his barrel and tightrope, and instead took up a golf club, attempting to become the first human to drive the Niagara gorge. In the past, daredevils have ridden the waters of the Horseshoe/Cana… more »

The Baldwin phenomenon

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Chris Baldwin--47 comments (some of these posts were in real time, too!) Jennifer Mario and all the rest of us--less than 47 comments. Say what you like, he makes stuff happen. What is the point of a blog? To make people give opinions on controvers… more »
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