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Sunday Predictions-- A little light, a little heavy.

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12:05 p.m. -- Justin Leonard, United States, vs. Tim Clark, LEONARD STARTS HITTING BALL SIDEWAYS WHILE CLARK PUTS ON USUAL PUTTING DISPLAY. WORLD MOVES ONE POINT AHEAD. 12:15 p.m. -- David Toms, United States, vs. Trevor Immelman, ALTHOUGH IMMELMAN… more »

Why so long for the Fred and Davis reunion?

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They won multiple world cups together. They genuinely like each other, yet feed off each other competitively. They are the same age, the same personality, the same height (almost.) Why did it take Captain Jack so long to put them together? Davis lose… more »

Twenty Questions

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1. Can Tiger play alternate shot with himself? 2. Can Michelle Wie become a professional model, and maintain her amateur status in golf, play for Stanford, etc.? 3. Can Morgan Pressel bottle her attitude and sell it on the web? 4. Can Jim Fu… more »

Memo to pro team captains: Do It Like Bob

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Here is a twenty-second blog in honor of Bob Lewis. Pick the youngsters who can play, and screw the "we need a veteran presence" theory. Fred is 0-2, Beth didn't play well, Curtis and Lanny didn't play well. Only the Walker Cup team went with all youn… more »

We all make mistakes...Fight The Rage!

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During this season of raw reality, we have all become a bit more introspective, and perhaps extra-spective in the process. We have sent money to victims of Katrina, opened our homes to refugees from Rita, and purchased more rubber wrist bands for variou… more »

Phil Mickelson's Pledge: The Right Way

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Just read that Phil is pledging his earnings or 250K to the hurricane relief fund. Gotta like the style. He's going to go out and play his best, and if he eclipses the 250K (what is that, Tenth Place these days?) for the week, great. If not, we know w… more »

Waiting to break through: Trev!!!!

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As I peruse the leaderboard of the Canadian Open, Trevor Immelman's name appears at -3. This is THE GUY to watch for the next few years. Even though he has won around the globe, including a World Cup with noted slowpoke Rory Sabbatini, that breakthroug… more »

Golf in the wake of Katrina

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The scenes continue to numb us, the thought that our own would open fire on workers attempting to repair breeched levees is surreal, yet the world spins on. I'd like to begin by recognizing and thanking the many courses who are hosting day-long benefits… more »
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