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What Michelle Wie does well ... and what We need to know.

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Something has been bothering me about the Wie-Creamer-Pressel blog threads of the last two years, and I am proud to announce that I have finally outsmarted myself and figured out what it is: the bottom line. Roll tape back fourteen years to when Ti… more »

Swearing in golf (or: taking a cue from David Feherty)

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I've just finished Somewhere in Ireland a Village is Missing an Idiot, by the renowned slav, David Feherty. He puts forth his belief that the well-aimed and well-deserved curse should not be shrunk away from, but rather, embraced. His reflections gave… more »

Galileo and GPS: Euros win Ryder Cup again!

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I am irked, perturbed, riled up, down and sideways. The Euros have grabbed the edge again. The European Union launched the Galileo satellite today from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Galileo, for the untutored, will surpass our Global Position… more »

My home course would be the perfect host for a ...

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How often have we heard them begin a sentence just that way? Maybe you and I are part of that "they." If it's not our home course, then it's another local track that everyone rates the best this or the best that. And if it were simply the course that… more »

A baker's dozen of modern books on golf that you need to read

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1-2. Golf In The Kingdom, The Kingdom of Shivas Irons Michael Murphy, Michael Murphy Mike Murphy’s two volumes on Shivas Irons are modern classics. The second volume was his response to the multitudes who, like Area 51 fanatics, reported Shivas… more »

Anyone For Tee brings us golf quotes galore!

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Anyone For Tee is my third-favorite website, after and BuffaloGolfer, of course. While trolling their veddy English pages, I stumbled against a wall of golfing quotations that outduels any other compilation of appropriately-witty citation… more »

Official First Masters Blog of 2006 (or is it last of 2005?)

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The first invitations have gone out (thank you, SI.Com!) Here are my early picks on, oh heck, a bunch of interesting elements: Five New Guys Who Should Not Unpack: Clay Ogden, Edoardo Molinari, Kevin Marsh, Dillon Dougherty, and Brian McElhinney (A… more »

Confession about golf clubs: I Hate HYBRIDS!!!!

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This confession is so sacrilegious, it is akin to admitting five years ago that you despised the Atkins Diet. However, I must cleanse my soul, rehab my kharma, and set thing right with all two of my readers: I despise hybrids. I cannot hit the littl… more »

Teaching the teacher: Will it work?

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"Teach-the-Teacher Clinics on the Show Floor PGA Director of Instruction Rick Martino and renowned golf instructor Butch Harmon will present new "teach-the-teacher" clinics. The seminars are designed to provide teaching professionals with the tools they… more »

Holiday shopping for golfers on the edge

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I love Jennifer Mario, and would love to have her pick out holiday gifts for me. I feel the need to suplement her list, though, with one of my own. I call it, warmly, holiday shopping for golfers on the edge. Traditionalist that I am, I will ennumerat… more »

Best New Remodel: You Oxymoron!!!

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I was finishing an article by my favorite living golf writer, Jan Denkins, in the storied, some might call hoary, publication on the game we all love, Golf Indigestion. Jan had taken to task my favorite target, Mister I'm Above The LPGA Tour Officials (… more »

Monster Road Trips for 2006

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Bandon ruined me. I'll come clean. When my wife mentioned a sweet trip to commemorate my 40th in 2005, I didn't think twice. Monterrey, Orlando, Michigan, New Mexico all took a back seat to the southern coast of Oregon. Then, the event surpassed the… more »

Creamer, Pressel and Wie: Open for business

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The law firm of Creamer, Pressel and Wie has officially opened its doors, with the majority of its clientele figuring in the LPGA Tour, with occasional forays into PGA events. The three principals, while each saddeled with the ego of the world-class com… more »

Which Wone Will Win, Wolfrum?

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So this guy, Wolfrum, claims that a Euro player will win a major in 2006. Only trouble is, he fails to name names, make predictions, etcetera. OK, here is my prediction: a two-legged homo sapien will win a major in 2006, and he will be of anglo, latin… more »

Movin' On Up ... To The East Side ...To our Deluxe ...

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Oh my god. I made the list. I am no longer relegated to the third string. I am above Jennifer Mario. I can see Baldwin's bottom, and it's within reach. Christenson, Wolfrum, Shanks, Daily, watch out ... I'm shooting for Balls Out! Yes, it's true.… more »
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