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Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
Ron Mon,

Here in Colorado, "the edge" for us is:

1. a cart cover

2. propane heater

3. Winter gloves AND mittens. Safety orange is a bonus.

4. Wedges with less than 6 degrees of bounce.

5. Heavy putters. Mallets.

Oh, and a hip flask of your favorite whiskey derivative. Scotch, specifically JWB, for me.

Are you guys at Travelgolf.com taking note? I'll be happy to forward my address. If you send these out now, they'll arrive just in time for X-mas...
12/13/05 @ 20:16
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
Hey, DP!

Agreed! Here in western New York, from which I hale (irwin, that is), we are in the same icebreaker. If only we could see the fairway. We need the following clubs in our bags: one shovel, one coal shovel, one pick, one drill, and one broom. Who needs 14 clubs? If we wear safety orange, the deer shoot us! Seriously, have you seen those heated pads for carts? You attach the clips to the battery, and they heat your bottom. No lie. Balls Out Blog guys is the one with the money and the Santa Claus belly, so write to him. Tell him I sent you.
12/13/05 @ 21:47
Comment from: Denver Player [Visitor]
The heating pad is new on me. But it makes the list. Keeping track, Balls Out Blog??

Not worried about keeping my bottom warm with it, though. I'm worried about my balls...golf balls, that is.

12/14/05 @ 18:07

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